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How much can you smoke?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Virt1x, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. I've always been curious to see how much a person could possibly smoke, personally the most i've smoke in a sitting is an oz of schwag with a few friends, i was pretty baked but nothing a rillo of dank wouldnt do. Whats the most yall have smoked in one sitting?
  2. an ounce of mids all rolled up in a bunch of blunt wraps
  3. Last 4:20 a quarter pound of high mids and an 1/8 of kush with 2 other friends


  4. that is absurd! one sitting?
  5. In 1 session? Ounce of some dank ass buds... My sister and I used to pick up 1/2 LB's of mids every week for our head stashes, though. Haha... Gooooood times :D
  6. I smoked an ounce of some super kill with 2 friends last 420, as well as other different occasions
  7. ya in a day we smoked the dank all in one fat blunt to start it off then smoked the mids all day

  8. Ya in one day, we smoked the dank all in one fat blunt to start it off then smoked the mids all day.

  9. uhmm

    one day (actually multiple times)

    a few friends and i (under 4) went through a bit over an Oz

    it was verry nice,, Master Kush and purps

    Dont remember that day too well...

    I can usually smoke as much bud as i have.... as long as i dont have anything to do later
  10. i can usually smoke as many blunts or rillos as i want but any of you think you could do it all out of a bong? say an oz of dank
  11. i usualy dont try to see how much i can smoke in one sitting cuz im broke and need to conserve bud but i do remember last 420 me and one friend split an oz of some mids it was a good time
  12. as much as i want. me and my boys have killed a qp+ in a day before with some ill buds. they are in the sig.

  13. yea seriously.....its kinda stupid imo, its like abusing weed.

    but back when i was a pothead i finished a half O of some pretty good "dro" in 3 days (by myself). i would never do that again though

    and to think thats nothing compared to most of these ppl
  14. I can smoke whatever you put infront of me. Ever seen someone with three blunts in their hand? :)

  15. I did 4 and hit them all at once, it was just mids though.
  16. the most ive ever smoked is like 7 or 8 blunts between me and 3 others. by the last 2 it was like doing work when smoking the blunt
  17. haha dude me and my friends do that with dank almost everyday, we love blunts and we get dank for free basically..
  18. A FUCKING lot never kept a journal on how much but the cat who said he smoked a Q.P what the fuck for meathead!!!:mad:
  19. yeah im with both yall, but i can smoke as much as i get my hands on, i just choose not to. i dont feel like smokin is a competition really. i smoke a lot to some ppl, but thats just cuz where i grew up thats just what we did and how we did it. if its my bud the most ill smoke in one sitting is like maybe a 2 g blunt to the face when im by myself. after that its gbs thru out the day. if its other ppl it depends on how much they tryna smoke or match.

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