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How Much Can You Smoke in One Sitting???

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IowaPotHead, Nov 9, 2003.

  1. I once smoked two blunts right in a row. Thats about all I can think about right now.
  2. Dude! i bought a half ounce of regs one night and hung out with my two friends and must have smoked 3 quarters of it in the truck. We got home and had finished a 24 pack of beers. I was stoned-drunk off my ass!

  3. An eighth of bud and eight beers? Oh man...on Saturday I had about three beers and a overflowing bowl of pot (all very quickly), and I was fucking WRECKED. Your tolerance compared to me is incredible.
  4. One night.. God.. My record was 12 bowls all by myself. That was way back in the time in which I actually had tolerance to weed. Those days are gone, but I'm not complaining -- use less weed. =D

  5. I guess like, half an eigth by myself rolled in a blunt... It's not the most i can smoke, just the most i've ever smoked... If anyone would like to give me a lot of weed to try and smoke, i'm down with that, haha...
  6. I'll smoke as much as possible at parties. Most I've done is hit on 12 blunts and had countless bowls and joints.
  7. i took a stuffed phillie of NL to the face once... coulda done a lot more. i've gone through nearly a half ounce of nugs in a session before... i haven't found my limit when it comes to weed yet...
  8. I like Grass Roots idea.
  9. the most iv ever had was a 1/2 oz....i could take more but there wasnt any more..
  10. i really dont know.. ive smoked a lot in my day... (me trying to sound like a vetran smoker) but i dont know how much exactley, at a party we had about 7 of us, and we smoked nonstop for about 6 hours.... so i guess a lot, it was like my first time all over again, only a few months after i started
  11. on halloween i drank 10 beers, smoked a 4 gram blunt to the dome, and smoked 7 other joints to the dome. good night indeed.

    most ive ever smoked in a sitting was an ounce and 3/4, but that was between a few buddies and me.
  12. hmm...the most i could smoke much as i could before i couldnt anymore
    the most i HAVe smoked was about 2 1/8s (is that a 1/2...i think it is, i cant dco math right now)
  13. Most I ever smoked would have 2 be last winter when me n 1 other buddy smoked a half o between the 2 of us, good times.

  14. Me keep putting it in front of me, and I'll keep smoking it! :D
  15. I'm with Cottons and Hempress on this. I too have yet to find the real "limit" of my weed intake. I'm like a little stoned energizer pothead.

    I keep going...

    And going.....

    And going!!

  16. there is no limit to the amount I CAN smoke. The limiting facotrs are how much I wanna smoke and how good I'll feel. 3 blunts is gonna make me so stoned that I wouldn't have a good time.
  17. Well a few times I have stayed up all night smoking non stop from like 12 - 6. Probably smoked like a half ounce between 4 of us. I remember waking up stoned at my friends house.

    I would like to tell yo all about the time when me and two friends smoke an Oz and ontop of that another 1/2 Oz we bought a big box of green toobs and rolled the entire box from 1 all the way to 30 and we smoked all of them small blunts big blunts pearsonal blunts if there is a blunt i know it i smoked more pot that day then any other day of my life and i smoke way to much refear
  19. Ive smoked an O of some good chron between me and my three friends in a nights worth in the woods... After i got up and looked at all the trees and woods-- IT WAS CREEPY! After i stood up and looked around i started crying :-\

    And then i seen a car go by and i fuckin FLIPPED OUT.. its was a great laugh looking back on it.. Hahaha

    and thats all i can remember of that night HAHAHA
  20. I don't really know the amount but i've smoked alot sometimes, one you guys smoked tobacco with your weed?

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