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How much can i??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smallguitar123, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. how much chronic or kush in grams can i get with a $100???
    i need to know on the quickness because imma get it later on today..

    chronic i get it hooked up i wanna get that
    but idk i also want sum kush..
  2. around here around 8 grams or a little more, but it could be totally different where you live...
  3. if you trust the guy just ask him for $100 worth of either/or both and if he is "trustworthy" he should give you the correct amount if not its really hard to tell people prices because we dont know your area. an 8th here may cost more or less than an 8th there
  4. you should be able to cop a quarter (7 grams) for 100 bucks. if your guy says no, you should be able to work it anyway. that's above cost so he's still making profit.
  5. well thanks any way the homie had a medical card and gave me two eighths of og kush for a hundred!!!

    said it was a new year special..

    still have an eighth left..... maybe blunts today???
  6. thats pretty cool you should put up some pics of it if you can
  7. correction it was purple erkle my mistake...
    and its all gone now..
  8. I live in a very expensive weed area and I would get 7g (a "quad," "quarter," a quarter ounce) for that money.
  9. half oz. for $100 in my area
  10. For some straight absolute dank, probably a quarter or so. It really depends on where you live...

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