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how much can i hold

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by fr3sh, May 3, 2008.

  1. i just became a patient not to long ago and its pretty coo buying erbs legally....i jus have 1 ?how much erb am i able to hold i think its like 2 oz's or somethin, but i know people with cards can hold up to a pound or a half pound how is this possible?
  2. check your local laws. they vary depending where you are
  3. im in ca northridge
  4. It also depends on whether your doctor recommends more than your county guidelines. If your recommendation doesn't specifically mention plant number and pound amount, than you have to go by your county amount.
  5. bubblefunk, that's a broken link
    i searched ASA, but couldn't find the correct one for you
  6. woops, sorry. Anyway, I was merely referring you toward the ASA site, which has countyguidelines.
  7. jdubb that link worked and it said i can hold up to half a pound unless ma doc says more....
  8. I can hold up to 3 lbs, in one of the more liberal counties tho. Who really needs more than a few ozs at a time anyways unless you are slangin?
  9. where is this? mendocino county or something? they might as well just legalize it :hello:

    and while at first i agreed with you, "who really needs more than a few ozs at a time unless you're slangin?" I quickly realized that if you're not close to a source, like a dispensary, and can't grow on your own, you need to buy pounds at a time in order to have your medication and not have to drive hundreds of miles to get it every week.
  10. If you've just harvested outdoor bud, you may have many pounds at the time.
    The dispensaries generally only allow you to take an ounce each visit. They will not allow you to buy your complete yearly amount, all at once.
    A lot of ppl are recommended for 3 pounds per recommendation, not just mendecino, btw.

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