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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Zeke335, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. I'm planning to grow 2 mazar plants and I was just wondering what yield I'm expected to have in grams and oz's. I want enough for 3 months so that when I run out my weed I'll have new plants ready to harvest. .
  2. That question can't be answered simply as that what is your setup and how long are you going to veg. these plants what nutrients are you using ??? these all need to be answered b4 anyone can give you anything close to an answer
  3. My set up is in my room I'm planning to grow 2 plants. I have a fan, a high pressure sodium 400watt grow light, good soil, compost and fertilizer.

    I plan to vegitate for 4 weeks with the lights on 18/6 or maybe 15/9 because I don't want my family to get upset as to how much power I'm using

    After that I plan on flowering for 9 weeks with the light on 12/12

    How much yeild do you think this will create?
  4. You have vegetating and flowering backwards...most people on this forum usually pull 2-4 oz off each plant it seems. Depends on how long you let them Vegetate before flowering. With only 4 weeks you are probably looking at 2 ozs (each plant) I would say.
  5. Well not very well at all. The vegetive growth phase should last 4 weeks and the flowering is 9 weeks. You vegetite for 24 hours a day or 18-6 if you choose, and then you turn the lights on 12/12 to beging flowering.
  6. actually you can veg for as little as 14 to 15 days, then initiate flowering, though its only recommended to do this if you have a height limit.
  7. I think I'll vegitate for 4 weeks with the lights on 16/8 and then swich to 12/12 lighting for the 8-9 week flowering period. What your opinion on that?

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