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How much can I get for $250?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jguid, Nov 15, 2011.

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    Hey guys i'm kinda new on this site and dont really post much, just browse, but nice to meet you all! But anyways i've been smoking for a little over 2 years so i'm still a newbie and I have never really bought more than a quarter at a time because i never had a job. But i'm getting payed today and am planning on spending $250. How much do you guys think I can get of chronic? Im thinking about 20g + but im not exactly sure. Thanks for the help guys =)
  2. Zip and a Quarter of good shit.

    Depends on your area though.
  3. an ounce of mids shouldn't be more than 200. With connects 150
  4. My guy said i could get 10gs for 135 yesterday if that helps and im looking to buy chronic not mids Malakiarat but thanks :)
  5. you get what you pay for
  6. $200 for an oz of mids around me :/ probably get 15-20g's of good depending on location/connect

  7. That sounds like a good deal man, if it's dank. I say go for it

  8. yeah its pretty dank he usually gets purple haze, sour diesel and stuff like that I love knowing someone with a great hookup.
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  10. Are you trying to be a physicist or something? ^ hahah it can be infinitely long!
  11. well said :)
  12. Aight he said 22g's Of purple haze. Would you guys buy that I think it sounds straight
  13. No! Do not pay more than $10 for one gram of dank. I can get an ounce (28 grams) of dank for $220 and I don't even have connects.

    Where exactly do you live? We can not tell unless you tell us!

  14. You live in canada...

    Op if you don't have a better connect just get that. How else are you gonna get 250 dollars worth of weed?
  15. We're biased dude since we are Canadians. Price breaks exist here, it doesn't get worse the more weight you get like in some places (I'm looking at you East Coast USA..)

    I usually can get an o of dank for $180 or 2 for $300. You would be getting an ok deal for an oz and a quarter for 250 I'd say. Since here that would be like 190/oz 60/quarter.
  16. I'm not seeing where the OP said "I don't live in Canada I live in the USA"? Or am I just blind? :smoke:

    In the USA - 22 grams would normally cost over $300, so yes it is a great deal. (If it is quite dank?)

  17. We don't know where the op is. He could live on the west coast. I am saying don't be so quick to say that he is getting a shit deal. Just because weed is 10 dollars a gram where you live doesn't mean op can get it for the same price OR that he lives in the same place.

    Op if you have no other connects i would be happy with what you can get.
  18. for $250 he might do 20g
  19. that sounds fine go for it. but, everyone has different prices depending on their area... so you cant really get a good answer from people who are getting crazy good deals.
  20. So if he lives in Canada and takes your advice to buy 22 grams for $250.... what then? It's better to make sure where he lives and tell him to not make the purchase before checking.

    I also have to wonder - Do you have a scale OP?

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