How Much Can I Expect To Harvest?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Tainted_Purity, Feb 9, 2004.

  1. I am growing some Misty seeds and I will be growing two plants to be just over 1 foot tall. I have 3 fluros, each 20 watts, and are FIXED just over 1 foot from the plants.

    The site I purchased the seeds from say they can get upto 300 grams, but this is an outside figure, and I just don't believe it. I know I am looking around 1 ounce per plant, I was just asking for a realistic expert opinion.

    This 'Misty' plant below was grown by someone else and is exactly 1 foot tall, mine could be a bit higher, but I'm not a professional, the actual strain is mostly Indica and remains short and bushy:

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  2. In soil: I had a 3 foot tall indica that gave me around 1.5-2oz (no scale, wasn't finished; security issues)..It isn't enough for more than 3 weeks (conserving it at that) at the rate I smoke it. I'm going for 10 this time.
    :D let's see if I can pull it off...

    And this plant was vegged for 2 months, flowered under a 250 watt HPS (roughly 6200 some lumens per square foot)...yeah, I know; bad yield, but not bad for a first grow. I've heard good things about Misty; if its finished well it can be a very enjoyable smoke. :D

  3. how do you know this?
    3 oz off 60w's is 1.4 gram per watt. thats masterclass.
    0.5 gram a watt is more realistic in a soil grow.
    with your fluros a foot away from your plants i think your'll be lucky if u got half a wizzard off the whole grow.
    the only way your gonna get 3oz is if you weigh the leaf/stem/pots and dirt aswell.
    your only chance to get something out of this grow is to make the most of the light you have.
    get it right next to the plant.
    train your plant to grow along the tube.
    get a 70w hps?

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