How much can I expect out of my plants outdoor?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by PhelpsFan1, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Gonna be growing ww and northern lights outdoor for my first grow. I have help from a buddy whose dad has grown for 20 years.

    How much can I actually expect out of each surviving plant? I know it says about 300g/m2 for ww, and 600g/m2 for nl. Is this accurate? I know that's the "potential" but thought someone with more experience might be able to clue me in. I want to know how much seeds to order...we're gonna need bout 5 lbs for the three of us growing (personal use).

    THanks GC.

  2. Your final weight will depend upon many various factors.. I'd say to reach a five pound
    dry weight harvest, you'd probably want upwards of 15-20 plants, thats assuming that
    you actually don't push those plants to their limit. It could be done with fewer plants
    but don't expect that for your first few grows, I don't care who is helping you.

    Those WW and NL strains.. who's genetics? Some are more indica and some are more
    sativa, I believe you'll get a greater yield by growing them bushy sativas.

    Good Luck and STAY SAFE!!

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist

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