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How much Bud??

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by AscendedJamez, Oct 24, 2003.

  1. I have a 400watt HPS lamp. 2 150 watt lamps, CO2 Pump and good drainage...

    How much bud does anyone reason will grow for each plant????
  2. depends on what plant...
  3. exactly, and just because it yeilds more doesnt mean its gonna be as good or high quality.
  4. White Widow seeds.
  5. i would say about 5kg
  6. That sounds alot per plant....but if thats right thats "Kool and the Gang"

  7. uhhhmmm no.

    thats 11lbs
  8. I also have some Skunk #1. Would tht be good for indoor growing? and how much bud would anyone think it would kick out?

  9. you will never know until you try.. thats growing for you. Have fun and get started stop planing and just go :) !
  10. just always try to be one step ahead;)
  11. well tita got 1500g on his grow 2 years ago and his plant this year was even bigger hut i dont think he weighed in.
  12. but tita grew his plant outside didnt he? and theres no way in hell your gonna get 1500g from a 400w HPS....
  13. now that iread the post i was a bit OT, with the 2x150+400 he would have 700 watts so im going to have to day around 12 oz, but thats only after you know what your doing and have few grows under your belt.
  14. yeah, 700w is good for about 16 or so sq. ft. or so, so id say anywhere from 10 - 16oz for your first grow, and up to ~25oz after a few grows (and strain, temp, ferts, soil/hydro, and light distance can be important factors aswell)

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