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How much bud will fit.,

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by starguy, Oct 5, 2022.

  1. Hello.,I am trying to find out how much bud I can wash with 1 cup of alcohol before the alcohol stops absorbing any more thc.
    Wash 1oz bud in 8oz alcohol.,.get 7oz tincture.,wash another oz.bud with the 7oz of tincture.,get 6oz. tincture.,.wash another 1/2oz bud with the 6oz. of tincture.,.ect.,
    Taking into account that some alcohol is lost with each wash I would be compensating by washing less bud each time.
    I am wondering if there is any way to know if the alcohol is not taking in any more thc.
    Thank you for looking.,All replies are appreciated.,
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  2. It kinda sounds like you end up with nothing. Use one wash per batch followed by a rinse with fresh alcohol and you got all of it that matters. If you want a more concentrated tincture then reduce it down by evaporation, if you only have one cup of alcohol you should wait until you have enough to properly extract.
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  3. I think I get what you mean and I don't have a scientific answer. @PsychedelicSam in Another Tincture thread found that he could use the same alcohol to rinse twice. I think he may have divided his flower into two jars so it would take less alcohol and rinsed them with the same alcohol. Look into @Tokintb12 work with syrups. He makes highly concentrated tinctures and uses them in unique ways. Oil and Syrup
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  4. I don't think you are following me. I'm not washing the same bud over and is new bud washed in the same alcohol until the alcohol cannot absorb anymore thc out of new bud. I realize at some point I will need to stop but I don't know if the alcohol is saturated and not absorbing anymore thc out of new bud.,
  5. I forget which thread its in but Sam did a saturation test with ethanol
    The saturation point of the ethanol is pretty high
    Meaning you can use the same tincture to wash fresh bud, at least several times
    @BrassNwood may know or even have the data available
    How much bud are you looking to wash?
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  6. Yeah, no worries, I got it. It just seems like at some point there won't be enough alcohol left to drain out. Wash once, rinse once with fresh alcohol, and reduce to your desired potency and Bob's your uncle. Assuming you're using 190 proof ETOH you'll get about everything the bud has to give. Toss the spent bud or dry it out and smoke a bowl to see if there's anything good left. Your method needs a fresh rinse or you'll leave some good tincture drying on the spent bud and with each re-use, you leave more goodness behind as the tincture concentrates.
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  7. You say wash once and rinse with fresh. How much are you washing and with how much alcohol?. I start with 1oz of bud and 1 cup of 151 Everclear.,Then I evaporate it down to 4oz of tincture. From what you say it seems like you feel that you need to wash your bud twice with different alcohol to get the most thc off the bud. Is this because the alcohol you used for the first wash can not hold any more thc? If so, again I ask.,how much bud can you wash in 1 cup of alcohol before it stops absorbing any thc?
    In my wet dream I would like to get 2oz.of bud through a cup of alcohol. I have done 42 grams and I even double washed it all.,I got 6oz. of tincture and I cooked it all the way down to the gunk and then mixed this with 2oz. of fresh alcohol. It separated and I'm not not sure what is in the bottom of the bottle. It is pretty strong though.,Next time I will try to get 2oz. of bud through 1 cup and I will evaporate it to 4oz.of tincture.,I did do a sample before I evaporated it and it worked all good.,.
    Thanks again for your comments., 20220831_135754.jpg
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  8. Thanks again.,I just found the discussion in Sam's thread.,very helpful and close to my plan.
    This is like my other hobby of Astronomy.,Quite often you just have to give it a shot and see what works.,see what you see.,Best2all
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  9. #9 Cactus Ed, Oct 6, 2022
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2022
    I can't really answer that, friend. I don't measure, I dump the stemless decarbed bud in a bowl or bucket and add just enough alcohol to cover. Now that I know you're using 151 it kinda changes the equation as it's not exactly alcohol, it's an alcohol/water solution and won't extract near as much.

    I'd guess your gunk was oil in water left after too much alcohol evaporated from the 151. If you can get 190 proof it's probably better as 151 is 25% water so using the same alcohol over and over isn't going to work well, it will only extract so much and that's the basis of your question. If you're going to evaporate to oil anyway, I'd use some other method and drink the 151.

    These days I use 99% ISO for extracting, it's cheap enough to use as much as needed and doesn't separate with extreme reduction. It's also safe enough if you're sure your procedure is sound. I evaporate in small batches in 11X13 glass pans until I can run my finger across it without it sticking to my finger for a wax or boil it until it's hits 240F for RSO before mixing in 3 parts MCT or coconut oil by weight to dilute enough to dose drop by drop when make oil caps. I evaporate in small batches so it doesn't form a skin over the surface that blocks further alcohol evaporation, I pour just enough to dry into what looks and feels like a sheet of clear plastic on the bottom of the pan. Sure, there are more efficient ways but what I do has worked for me and I don't need much efficiency as I have plenty of bud.

    Are you trying to scare me with that picture? Unfortunately, we look a little similar but I'm only 73. In my 20s-30s I was also a star guy looking at Celestron ads in astronomy magazines for telescopes I could never afford, my family's needs came first. During summers my wife and I would get high and sleep on a bed outside under the stars and just be amazed. We made one of our sons on one of those nights, a daughter on another, and the rest of the time we only practiced at making children. I made my first batch of oil about 50 years ago using methanol and eventually other solvents too. I'm certainly not an expert but I've extracted many times using many different procedures.
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  10. Well I just ordered a gallon of 200 proof organic ethanol from Culinary Solvents right here in Maine.,This will get the job done I hope.,,I can't drink the 151 unfortunately.,.My name is Davy.,yadayadayada.,
    My goal is to get my tincture as strong as possible without having to evaporate it to much.,We'll see how it goes.
    I will decarb while I wait for the delivery.
    I ain't never had too much fun.,.Best2all
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  11. Using pure ETOH as you plan, you can evaporate all you wish without it separating so making it potent won't be a problem. Making it too strong may become one, though.
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  12. Thanks for the warning.,I will try to keep track of how much is going into the mix.,I decarbed 2oz this morning and FedEx says the alcohol is out for delivery today.,.I'll be back.
    Ok.,I just got everything cleaned up from my first batch with the 200 proof.,I was able to wash two ounces of bud, at a time in 1 cup of alcohol.,After the second ounce I had 5 ounces of tincture. I stopped there for now and am enjoying my first sample.,I did 2 squeezes which I estimate is 80mg.,
    It's a beautiful day here in Central Maine with the foliage at its peak. This is the lake near my home. I have spent hundreds of hours in a boat out there.,Don't get much better.,

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  13. Time to update this thread.,I have been using the 200 proof ethanol and am very pleased with this product.
    My last batch of tincture I used 4oz. of bud decarbed and ground up to powder. I was able to wash it with 10oz. of ethanol and ended up with 6oz. of tincture that is aprox 70mg. per squeeze of the dropper.
    I think this is where I will stop as far as trying to wash "more bud" in "8oz." of ethanol since it it took 10oz's.,but it worked well and the tincture is kickass.,
    I have been using my tincture to spike honey and jello and it has been great.,turning my strong tincture into killer edibles.,the honey especially because I can use coconut oil and lecithin in the recipe and I believe they add to the efficiently and potency of tincture.
    Anyway it has been a trip getting this far and I hope that I have helped and encouraged others to try different things.,Best2all from the wilds of Maine.,
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  14. When it comes to extracting THC using alcohol, the solvent has a saturation point where it can't dissolve any more THC. This saturation point depends on various factors like the potency of the bud and the quality of the alcohol. As you mentioned, some alcohol is lost with each wash, so it's reasonable to assume that the saturation point will be reached eventually.

    Unfortunately, without specialized equipment or lab testing, it's challenging to determine exactly when the alcohol is no longer absorbing THC. It's a bit of trial and error. However, if you notice that subsequent washes yield diminishing returns (lower tincture volume or weaker potency), it could indicate that the saturation point has been reached.
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  15. With the last batch I noticed the burn was less intense and there was a bit of earthy taste to it. I think this is an indication that it's getting close.,
    It's like when I evaporate a lot of the ethanol off.,Same end.,different means.,
    At some point you have cannabis oil w/ alcohol.,instead alcohol w/cannabis oil.,.not a bad thing though.,

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