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how much bud to put in fire crackers?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by dkd24, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. so somehow in my 5 years of smoking i've never done edibles. I've also never vaped, used a gravity bong, or used a gas mask bong haha. Anyways i've got about a 5-6 hour bus ride home for thanksgiving break on thursday and I thought this would be the perfect time to try firecrackers, since i have to actually leave class early to catch the bus and wont be able to smoke before.

    My question is how much bud should I put into my firecracker so that I'm nicely high but not bugging the fuck out. I've been smoking for about 5 years but usually only on the weekends. My tolerance is also pretty low, 3 bong rips get me toasted, or like a decent bowl between 2 people. I'm also extremely skinny (135, 6 feet) and have a fast metabolism (don't know if it matters or not but w.e.) I've got dank, so from what i'm reading about .5-.7 seems good? Thanks for the help guys, and ill let you know how it goes.
  2. I'd put 1 - 1.5g's. but that's just me...
  3. I would start with .5 grams and see where that takes you

    don't wanna start with a whole gram for your first edible ;)
  4. Make 2 edibles... .7 in each one... Eat one and in one hour if you can handle more, eat half the other....or all of it... still would be better to have two... or make one with like 1.5 grams... split it into 2 doses..
  5. hmm yah making two might be a good idea. yah as i said i definitely want a solid high but i dont want to be sitting there thinking im melting into my seat and about to take off to the moon haha. and the worst thing would be not putting in enough so i end up with just a tiny buzz and wasted bud.

    Also do the firecrackers smell after you've baked them, because im going to be eating one in class (probably just act like im going to the bathroom, grab a drink from the vending machines and munch it fast) but if i ate one on the bus i wouldnt want it to be obvious what it is. thanks for the replies, i appreciate it.
  6. dont need to bake them. im assuming your bus ride is next week for thanksgiving? make them now and let em sit until then theyll be more potent than baking them and all they smell like is pb
  7. Damn never personally even thought about just not even baking it. I'd like to see how not baking it and just letting it sit there and let the oil seep in.
  8. Definitely bake them, then they'll actually get you high . . :wave:

    Unless you let them sit for a while.
  9. yah my bus home is tomorrow, so they will definitely be baked. going to be making them in a few hours.

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