How much bud should I expect?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Cornflake, May 11, 2004.

  1. If some experienced grower could make up a chart of how much bud would grow based on variables (weeks in veg, lights etc..) it would be really useful, though probably difficult.

    As for me I was wondering how much bud I could expect from 7 plants. I'm going to veg for 6 weeks before flowering. I'm too cheap for HPS bulbs but the plants are under 4300 lumens of soft white flourescents though I may get another light soon. I will be using veg ferts and most probably flowering ferts (though I'm not sure which kind yet). How much bud should I expect to get? This is my first grow so I'm not expecting much but it would be nice to get a rough figure. Thanks.
  2. Oh yeah it's also bagseed, and I'd assume 3-4 of em are males.
  3. if your starting them floweringa t about 12 inches..i'd saywith those lights 1.5 o'z per plant..say half are males, thats 3 females roughly 4-5 oz..thats if they cmoe out wth no problems and your grow goes smoothly
  4. i think that is overly hi yield for a 'newbie'

    if u get more than 2 oz from 12" veg x 3, id be impressed

    just trying not to bubble ya
  5. There are so many variables I think it would be quite difficult to make that chart. You'd have to include everything from lighting schedules, ferts, water, time, PLUS all the different strain varieties. I'd say it would be nearly impossible to make such a chart, but that's just my $0.02. After all, if there was some formula for growing perfect yielding weed, everyone would know about it and do it :)
  6. True enough, I'm only on my 2nd grow and already I've noticed some fundemental differences between this and the first even though I'm growing clones from the initial grow, under the same lights in the same pots and with the same soil mix and ferts. Far too many variables and besides, we're all different so a bit too much fert here, a little over watering there and pretty soon the variations would make such a chart meaningless.

    Besides, for me, growing this is much more than a means to get my own blow, it's become quite theraputic and I can see how folks make this almost a hobby. It's the first time I've had an interest that I participate in every day without fail since I was about 13 and know what I mean.


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