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How much bud for brownies?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Klipsch, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. So i read through the threadssssss .... and i know HOW to make the brownies, how to prepare teh butter etc... but theres one more question remaining...

    The amounts of bud vary from recipe to recipe, which is why ive come here into the SEASONED TOKERS forum!! YAY!!!

    How much bud for a standard batch of brownies??? (standard box of brownie mix)

    Schwag -- ???

    Mids -- ???

    Highhhh -- ???

    Thanks in advance for your input!
  2. you should be golden with about a half o of any bud, headies or beasters
  3. If you are making canabutter or canaoil you would want to use 1/4 to 1/2 for your best herb and up from there as u go down in quality I would simmer water butter and herb for at least 4 hours if not more. Then cool over night and have butter to make brownies cookies bannana bread etc.
  4. I dont know but I dont think you should put High grade chronic into brownies.. Use shwag.
  5. Shwag - Half O 14 grams or more
    Mids - 10 grams or so
    Chronic - 7 grams or so

    It really all depends on your weed and THEN it depends on how many pieces you cut and make
  6. Hmm, seems we have been steppin it up here in the nappy city.

    Usually throw:

    Brick - 1 oz
    Mids - 1 oz
    Chron Don - 1/2 oz

    ((for just 1 batch of brownies))
  7. Yuhh Yuhh, im about to do this haha, yeah i was wondering too how much i should use, i was bout to use a o of brick 35 somebucks. its mids i guess lol. i smoke headies so, this is trash but i rather use it in it.

  8. Are you going with raw or making butter/oil first? I find you get more punch with the butter/oil method plus if you vaporize you can make butter from vap remains.....
    I use to just mix dry with some butter in saucer then throw in but making butter draws more of the "goodies" out of your meds.
  9. Uh, I used a little over 1/8(schwag) and used a standard size brownie box. I made 9 brownies and ate 1 1/2. I was ripped from 8PM to around 10AM the next day. Maybe I just ate too much.
  10. 2 - 2 1/2 oz of brick makes for some killer ass brownies... thats how we used to do it back in the day :)
  11. Ok, kind of along the same lines as the initial question, but yea..

    How much butter do I use for an oz of grinded swag?
  12. i always make 1 stick per oz of schwag...or half of heads...if you dont use all the butter you can just save for later and it in the freezer:D :hello:
  13. An ounce of brick works great.
  14. Use 1 stick per oz... but that will make MORE butter then what you need for a single brownie mix pack... so you will have left overs... Use it for other stuff, or just make some toast and spread it on
  15. Ok, so its been a while since I made the brownies, so i apologize with my late reply, but here's what i found.

    I used a quad for a batch of brownie mix, and found a great high after eating 2 brownies. The batch i made was in a 13x9 pan, which yielded 9 brownies.

    I made this batch of brownies using 1/4 of heads (in this case, purple) in a 3/4 cup of butter. I used the entire 3/4 cup rather than the 1/2 in the recipe on teh box. This yeilded much more rich, moist brownies. Oh, and just FYI - when i ate em, i was still digesting a prior meal from a few hours before... so i jump started my high about 1 hour into it with a hit from a bowl. With how things turned out, i would up the amount of bud a little bit so that 1 brownie would have done the trick.

    In general, i think the following would apply for a cup of butter:

    Heads - 1/2 oz.
    Mids - 3/4- 1oz.
    Schwag - 1-2 oz


    Because the butter cools and hardens a bit when you add it to the mix (should be melted before you add) make sure to mix thoroughly. Use a mixer if possible, but i found that using a fork and folding continuously for a while, i made the batter more "fluffy". Rotate the bowl as you mix too.. it helps ensure even distribution of the butter, so taht you dont have to worry about inconsistencies in potency.

    Have fun and enjoy!
  16. i always used at least an oz if not 2 oz, of schwag, dont waste good weed on brownies. gently grind up weed to seperate seed & stem.
    the point of good weed is the high and taste, well your not goin to taste the flavor of good weed in brownies, want more potent brownies, use more weed(schwag).

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