How much bud do you toke a week?

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by Z3R0D4Y, May 13, 2018.

  1. On a Q a week here people seem surprised when I say I go through it but it doesn't feel like much

    Is it a lot?
    What do you smoke a week?

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  2. I'd say about an O every two weeks, but that's split between myself and the fiancee

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  4. Between 7-14 grams lol
  5. It usually depends. Some weeks I smoke full half’s to the face and a cartridge, other times I just pick up the cartridges and smoke like 2 of them over a week or two. I prefer actual flower, so if we’re talking just regular bud then yeah usually a half every week and a half.
  6. I'd say I average 4-5g of flower and maybe 1/2g of wax.
  7. about 4 grams a week for 50 years. In the 70s an ounce a week but that was ditch weed and an ounce cost $15.
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  8. Zip

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  9. A few good buds is all you need per week.
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  10. 3-5 g per week, depend on mood :)
  11. It's closer to an O a week for us over here, but we like smoking j's more often than we should. That and I'm unemployed so I'm home pretty much all day. I'll smoke maybe 3 or 4 bowls to myself throughout the day, but I've gotten so used to sharing bowls with my girl that even my own bowls I smoke in corners, so I'll get 2-3 hits per bowl.
  12. Never cared how much others r smoking unless I’m forced to share lol
  13. I really don't know how much like I just smoke till I'm out but I usually never run out of bud.

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  14. 1/4 or so.
    Oz lasts me a month + a week at best.
  15. Anybody that smokes an ounce a week by themselves has a problem and needs life. It’s no longer a fun hobby. Sorry tough love from experience

    $10,000 a year hobby? Or habit? Just sayin. But joints do burn and waste a lot of weed. But sure is nice
  16. U work. But is degenerates just smoke weed all day loll
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  17. I guess u are lucky and dont have pain. Yah i do waste a little in big ass blunts. Thats why im growing. So i grow a plant for around 40 dollars and i get around 4 zips per plant. Plus i live in cali where we have weed growing out of our cars lol
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  18. You did'nt ask: how many grams are those few good buds? Bahahahahah
    Besides I wasn't comparing the communities usage vs mine. To each their own. My pain medicine is better than yours better than yours.. LOL Papa
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