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How much bud do you think this is?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jnl10, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. Hey guys. Quick and probably dumb question. I've had this weed for a while and haven't really touched it I've been smoking other strains and I was wondering how many g's do you think this is? I have an idea but it's kind of hard to tell for some reason. Probably sound like a noob but lmk what you guys think. Thanks ✌️

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  2. Also I'm new to this site and I'm pretty sure this is in the music caegory.. How do I change that
  3. Thanks man
  4. Think of it like this... one fat regular zigzag joint is a gram. A jumbo cone is 3 - 3.5 grams
  5. depending on density and how dry id say that is between 3.5-4 grams. i deal with the herb and it's weight alot if you catch my drift
  6. A quarter, like an actual tangiable quarter of money is about
    .5g. So Id say you got a little over an eighth (3.5g) its a tough pic.

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  7. I'd guess anywhere between 2.8-3.6.

  8. You got a gram in the first jar, and about 3.5-4g in the big jar, you should really put it next to a lighter on a table though if you're gonna take pictures for us, so we have something to judge it by.
  9. It would vary depending on bud density man. But I'd say it looks to be about.... 3.4 grams.


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  10. It looks closer to a quarter ounce, if that's a large mason jar, but I'm gonna say about 5 grams.
  11. Lol at all these mofos trying to make accurate estimates from a pic
  12. Except most of us know it's impossible to tell.. An educated guess is not much use, however your comment is even more useless.

    What up GC!
    400w MH HPS, nirvana white widow and blackjack indoor.
    White Widow & Blackjack journal
  13. 3.4g? Haha not quite an eighth? You can see the .1g difference between and 1/8oz and 3.4g?

    Oh great estimator of weight. How much is left in my grinder?

  14. Probably about as much brain cells you've got left from drinking so much buddy.

    Dont Come on someone else's thread to put up nothing but smart-ass comments. Your useless to the city. Mind you I'm new here and I've met some great helpful people.
    You sir are an imbecile. My guess is just as good as everyone else's. Except yours ofcourse..

    What up GC!
    400w MH HPS, nirvana white widow and blackjack indoor.
    White Widow & Blackjack journal
  15. Wow did i hit a soft spot bud? Relax

    And you called me out first so don't get it twisted.
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  16. Actually It was you insulted us all.(mofos) some might find that insulting no?? Either way, expect a response from someone brother.


    What up GC!
    400w MH HPS, nirvana white widow and blackjack indoor.
    White Widow & Blackjack journal
  17. Around 3 grams. Looks super dry, so maybe not

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