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How much bud do YOU have right now to last till Reup?

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by Mikesu58, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. I have 2gs of dank weed. 1 gram of the half ounce I bought like a little over a week ago, pretty dank medical quality. Then I got a dub of some "goods" on my way home when I was skating with my homie, scaled out to a straight 1.1 , Smells like some good quality shit haha. I won't be Re-upping till Thursday when I get my paycheck *ill be buying half O of some kind of headies* . how about you guys? I also have all the kief from my last Half O in my grinder, cause I always bring my grinder to grind up my own bud , so thats like .5 of pure potent ass kief too . i'll post pics tomorrow
  2. yeah about 1.5gs of weed. gonna buy a q after work tonight though.
  3. Dry... waiting for my main guy to reup. :(
  4. Got 8G's right now. Waiting on my guy to re-up soon
  5. check it out, pic of the dub of street dank I got off some black guy ! :smoking: smells like some sour

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  6. Nothing lol.
  7. 2 grams and .8 of keif can re up on thrusday. but I work 9-6pm til thrusday off fri and sat. Gonna re up on a 8th-ounce not sure
  8. Just under a lb.......
  9. Think I have like 3/4 oz :D
  10. An eighth of star 47 and bout 2 grams of god bud hash
  11. Well concidering i have 1/8th and i smoke 1g every two weeks... about a month and a half. Lol love being a lightweight
  12. I have like .7 of some shake, a joint, and a little bit o' bug.

    Should last me a week.
  13. Just under a q.
    When I get to about 2 g's, I go for a re-up.
  14. Like 2.5g... Need to pick up soon but money's tight so I might just conserve and wait a little bit.
  15. Two grams of no-name dank.

    Six grams of pretty decent mids.

    Getting an ounce of "loud" on Tuesday.
  16. from weed nothing. I have like a 'g' left. But I have a g of kief and 2.5gs of wax

  17. Explains your name completely!
  18. Fuck a reup I need a new york city style pizza delivered to the house asap
  19. 0 :( getting more soon

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