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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by WeedLord420, Apr 3, 2003.

  1. How much bud did u get off ur outdoor plants and how long did u have them planted?

    i have my outdoor plant growing it is lookin pretty want to see the pic? it is about 3 weeks old or more..
  2. post the picture
  3. cant do it tonight but i will have pic tommorrow :)
  4. Heres a few pics

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  7. you dont have to hide it yet. it doesnt even look like marijuana yet;).
  8. that plant has been growing for THREE WEEKS??? man, u must be doing something wrong mine has been growing for 1 and a half and its alot bigger than that one, not to hate or anything just letting u know its not growing very fast!!!
  9. well i am not sure all i know it hasnt been there for over 3 weeks it could be less i dunno..there about to get it 3rd and 4th leaves :)

  10. john this is real bad advice. it looks just like a mj seedling. ok most ppl dont know that but the law wud, if they did ever see it then weather its a seedling or a 6' monster weedlord is gonna b just as busted. how wud u feel if he did get caught cus of ur advice?

    oh and btw weedlord skrilla is right, that plant looks about 3days old to me not 3 weeks. unless ur timeing it from when the seed hit the dirt and not when the seedling popped up.
  11. yes i believe thats what i was think by 3 week old....more and more i thought about it i think it is almost 1 week now for it.

    now i put the plants out where no next door can see it and i put the plant in a shed during night and i hide it from the road so i think i am not going to get caught.
  12. so what do u think about my plants i will try to get a clear shot, but do the plants look healthy?
  13. Well it looks better than the indoor plants you've got.
  14. they look much better than my indoor plants well i dont have them anymore i just throw them away then started on outdoor.
  15. post some more pics they should hoave there 3rd and 4th leaf out and r u sure ur choosing good seeds the darker ones are better i always crack one open to see if its healthy if there white and a lil damp then there good if there like hollow throw em out
  16. if i were you, i'd replant it lower down so as just the leaves are above the surface, and it does need light, but be carefull like barnaby said....hell they'll bust you for having a seed in the the u.k. you can face traffiking charges for it.......Peace out......Sid

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