How much beer will it take me to get drunk?

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  1. Okay I hardly ever drink and I'm gonna get drunk tonight. I weigh 195 5'10 , and someone is getting me 3 24's coors light and I already have a 12 oz can. If I drink them fast, will this be enough to get me drunk? I don't really drink that much and I just wanna make sure I'll have enough to be drunk

  2. wow at this thread.

    everyone is different. chug all of it as fast as u can ill bet u will be fucked up, then puke shortly after
  3. i thought this was GRASScity... haha just messin. but for real ive seen people about your size get smashed off of a few beers. everyones different, just start drinking until you feel fucked up. and if you run out go buy more. make sure to drive.
  4. ib4deleet
  5. 3 cases eh...

    Sounds like a extrafantacular troll. (sorry im high)

  6. I think he is saying he has 3 24oz beers and a 12 oz beer. so he has like 7 beers. I doubt you'll get drunk but you'll feel good.
  7. Where im from a 2-4 is 24 beer's.

    You should know by now how much it takes you to get drunk OP, unless you've never drank before. Id say 10-15 beer for you will make you good and drunk
  8. did you really just suggest someone who never drinks to drink 10-15 beers? the fuck?

    yeah op, drink all taht you can get your hands on, get alcohol poisoning, end up in the hospital, get your stomach pumped. at least at that point youll never want to drink again.
  9. You never drink? You'll be drunk on like 7 or 8 then man haha
  10. I always found beer nasty, i don't know why, but if I decide to get drunk I always pick up some tequila or rum.. That always does the job..
  11. If you have ask, then I'd say 1 or 2 :D
  12. The timespan over which the alcohol is drank is what matters, not the speed of the drinking. If you put all those in you in under an hour, you should get a nice buzz. Or maybe you'll end up with the spins and throw up. Everyone's different.

  13. You told him to chug it all, dont be getting on like a dick. And im sure he can drink 10 beers he is almost 200 pounds.

    its hard to get alcohol poisoning with beer unless you chug them, fast, because you will throw it up before you get to that point.
  14. If it was beer I would say 3x 24oz + 12oz should be enough for a lightweight, but it's water so I'm not so sure.
  15. fuck all these people talkin about "oh this is gonna get deleted"
    i drink a whole lot more than i smoke
    (not by choice im on probation/house arrest)
    but man, from reading your post, if you dont drink that often i bet that will be enough to get you split, DO NOT CHUG THIS MUCH AT ONE TIME
    especially if girls are comin over
    that much over the course of like 2-3 hours will be perfect for a newbie drinker

    but then again everybodys body is completely different, beers not like weed, it all depends on what your body can handle, do it slow if your feeling good speed it up, if your feelin bad slow it down, and continue said process all night
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    it was a sarcastic comment meant to go along with your SERIOUS comment that he drinks 10-15 beers. and obviously sarcastic, becasue i told him what would happen if he chugged all of it

    for the record, i dont drink often at all. and i was 240 lbs last time i did, and 6 beers had me pretty not sober, and that was over a couple hours
  17. I'd just get a bottle of E&J for myself
  18. Shotgun every single one of the beers. Even if you throw up, keep drinking them constantly or you won't get drunk. You have to kill all of them within like 45 minutes to an hour. Or else you won't get drunk.
  19. 6 beers in 15 min gets u kinda drunk. go for 12 and 45 and youll see what drunk is like.

  20. if you dont drink that much (and you sound young...which is fine [no offense, 195 lbs isnt a little kid, but having little alcohol experience leads me to believe you're young])

    you shouldnt have any problem getting good and happy, if not plastered off of five or six beers

    he's getting you 3 24 oz bottles/cans?

    or 3 24 packs!?

    either or, you're looking at enough beers to get you good and ready for your evening

    PS coors light is vile pisswater. it's not even as boozeheavy as other cheap beers

    water in your beer helps you metabolize it (and become less drunk quickly)
    if you want to drink cheap beer i always suggest highlife or PBR

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