How much bad karma am I in for?

Discussion in 'General' started by Cornflake, Feb 2, 2004.


And the bad news is?

  1. BAD BAD KARMA! (I should go hide in a cave for a few years)

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  2. Bad Karma

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  3. Slightly bad karma (after all it's just a prank)

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  4. Nothing awful, maybe indigestion

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  5. No bad karma whatsoever

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  1. My roommate has been an idiot lately. He reports me to the floors don (RA) for smelling of weed (of course I didn't really get in any trouble for this... but I could have been kicked out), he makes up a list of things that he dislikes me doing and reads them off to the don (it would have been fine if he had just told this to me instead of setting up a meeting with the don) and now he's keeping me awake when I'm seriously sleep deprived and I have 830 classes in the morning.

    What I intended to do about it was request a different roommate or to be moved but apparently the only way this will happen is with me moving to a different residence (which I'm unwilling to do, I have some good friends on this floor). I've also talked to him many times about his keeping me awake when he could easily go downstairs and use a study lounge.

    So, tommorow while he's at class I will be moving all of his stuff into a room across the hall and setting up the room to be most comfortable for me. I wouldn't worry so much but I know he's going to flip and this will really piss him off. So I'm thinking since I'm intentionally pissing and causing him stress it's probably gonna end up coming back and biting me in the ass, just wondering what the general consensus is on how much bad karma I should expect (I'm still gonna go through with it, but I figure I should know wether or not to prepare for the worst).

    You should probably also keep in mind I'm only presenting one side of the argument, I know I do a lot to piss him off too.
  2. i would say not bad.. atleast ur settin everything up for him :)

    its not like ur throwing it out on the street
    for him to come home n find everybody going through his shit taking what they want.
  3. yeah, he obviously doesn't want to live with you, he tried to get you kicked out. he might actually like the change. i say you aren't in for much bad karma. maybe a practical joke though.
  4. You guys need to open your lines of communication. That is what I didn't do when I first went away to school, and I only lasted a semester. Now I'm much happier at a new school with my new roommate. Sure he is annoying once in a while, and I'm sure I am too, but we don't take it too far and rat each other out. Now that I think about it, fuck his ass up since he tried to rat you out.

    And oh yea, you should be able to movee in with your friends from the hall. You could all move into a suite, an apartment, an off-campus house etc...
  5. Turns out I didn't move him out after all. Couldn't put his stuff into my friends room and no one else has the space for it. I didn't think the lines of communication were really closed, or at least I'll tell him when he's bugging the hell out of me and I've told him I expect him to do the same (it just doesn't happen). So I dunno, I'll figure out something.

    Also, I am moving in with 4 of my friends from the floor next term but I still have about 3 more months left that I'll be living with this guy so I'd really like to either get rid of him or get him to stop being such a jerk.

    Course on the upside looks like I won't have to worry bout him getting revenge or something to that effect.
  6. well, he sounds like a prick, making up lsts about you, it sounds like he's got way too much time on his hands... and maybe a slight obsession... hmm...

    .maybe just a problem with your food.
  7. Geez...
    What an asshat your roomie is...

    Sounds like he needs a good matchboxing...
  8. Ok, what you need to do is play a prank on him! One suggestion that springs to mind is to buy a metronome (you know, the things musicians use to keep in time). Hide it under his bed one night you're crashing at someone elses. Of course turn it on to full volume, maybe 50 beats per minute would be great. Trust me, this drives people NUTS!

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