How much are you paying?

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  1. How much is everyone getting their smoke for?
  2. Cheapest dispensary in my state is $90 a quarter when it is on sale, $100 a quarter if not. If I go elsewhere, about $240 an O
  3. I'm in Colorado and the dispensaries here have the craziest price ranges. You can typically find a zip on sale for $100. But have babe seen them all the way up in the $300-400 range for some of the "boutique" stuff. Per gram I see a range of $5-20 depending on where you are at. Typically I find the bud at the dispensary to be harvested too early and too dry.

    Thus the reason we grow. :)
  4. Here in the UK weed costs £10 a gram or £25 for 8ths lol I pay £12.50 for 1.8gs though & I pay £25 for a Q of hash
  5. 5 per gram, if I have to buy, and that is the stuff they are shipping in from legal states
  6. you guys are serious tokers buying by the ounce...
    what amazes me is pot shops selling a single pre roll for $25 as even advertising it as if it's a bargain.
    same shop will sell private reserve $10 for a gram or $230 an ounce...
    few yrs ago pre rolls were $5 but not anymore.. wtf?
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  8. Are those $25 prerolls the caviar ones that are rolled in oil and then rolled in kief? If not that is a crazy price for a pre roll.

    And honestly, if I could I would buy strains I like by the quarter pound to save money and be able to designate some for smoking, some for edibles etc. Buying an ounce to me isn't much, my fiance and I will go through that in a couple weeks
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  9. I don’t buy pre rolls but they’re $10 here. Grams are $5-20 as well. Average is probably $10 a gram. I buy by the half ounce at least. Usually by the ounce though.

    I bought
    1 ounce banana kush $150
    Half ounce black afghani $90
    Half ounce blue dream $90
    Half ounce top shelf lavender Jones $155

    The black afghani and blue dream actually only cost $75 for a half. It was a mix match ounce deal but $90 is the normal half oz price.

    Honestly the cheaper stuff is just as good of a smoke and just as potent. It just doesn’t look as pretty as the top shelf.
  10. Depends on where I buy 10 bucks for 0,9g out in my neighborhood or the same for 1.3 g when I'm in town.
    Adding to that I get to see on of the nicest pair of tits the good Lord ever blessed our earth with. Usually that's worth half an hour on the tram.
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  11. Haven't bought weed in years, but it is getti g so cheap it is hardly worth it indoors anymore
  12. Can't say i'm only going on ads in papers that say "pre roll" $25 and these are SPECIALS... supposedly... i'm not a heavy user.... a 1/2 gram FlavRX cart will last me months along with a couple of tokes of flower daily... the flowers dry out & get old by the time i finish even a gram these days, wouldn't pay me to buy an 8th unless it was super great...

    having said that i froze some around 1988 the shit was DANK & it still had kick in 2005 albeit mild... freezing seems to work best for those of us who rarely polish off a container in days or weeks.
  13. 10 a gram, 25 an 8th, 45 for a quarter, 70-85 for a half. And for the whole Zip it’s anywere from 120-180 depending on who and where they are. Now that’s what I pay don’t go getting mad at the weed man for overpricing, I live in an area flooded with great quality weed to were it’s just always in your face
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  14. $10 a gram
    $35 8th
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  15. I buy regularly from a friend. It's always 100 an oz. Just bought lemon haze that's fabulous so I'm thinking I'll get another one. Last time she had blue dream.

    The dispesaries charge between $3 a gram to $15 a gram. The $15 a gram stuff is something that is usually really new to that particular dispensary and around 30% THC. But you can get good weed for the $3 a gram. It's stuff they've had awhile and is usually around 25% thc . So between 3 and say 7 or 8 a gram, there is usually a wide selection.
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  16. A couple weeks for an ounce.. my wife & i will kill it a week guaranted.. smoking an 8th + a day
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  17. Yeah we also got a few grams of hash oil thrown in there each month, but if I could get cheaper flower id be smoking more haha
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  18. Market Analysis SoCal post-2017

    Price Cap (1/8) ~ $30
    Price Floor (1g) = $5

    Bulk (28g) ~ $100-300
  19. I keep forgeting it's legal for some of you lot! I'm in south of England, it's about 30-35 an 8th here going up to £200-240 an oz. How much are bigger amounts there (9s etc)?
  20. I don't know what 9's are (sorry dumb American lol). It really depends who you know, in the states a pound can vary from like $1,600 - $3,000. Depends a lot on quality and who you know, if you know someone who grows a lot you might even just get free weed or pounds for like a grand or less

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