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How much are you paying for 'ounce' of dank?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Stealf, Mar 22, 2011.

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  2. £200 ($325) these days.
    Used to be a time it was £120 ($200), inflation's a bitch. That and weed being so popular now.:smoke:

  3. Yep but with popularity comes quality ;)
  4. Psilocin420LSD is right this inflation is getting to be too big and cost is goin up your best off growing yourself some at least you can grow about 10~16 ounces and make a quick buck unless you smoke it all [​IMG]
  5. It's a bit pricey around here. I haven't bought an ounce of dank yet but a couple weeks ago I bought a half ounce and that was $200.
  6. 200$ here in Canada:hello:

  7. Ahh damn Canadians.
  8. 120-175$.....in cali bitch!
  9. too fuckin much
  10. 350 for good mids. 375-400 for namebrand danks. From the Fargo, ND area.
  11. 350 for mids? No wayy.
  12. 330 to 350 depending if it's primo
  13. I'm gettin some super dank for at the most 300 a zip mostly 260 a oz
  14. Right around 200/ounce here in my part of California, depends on what you call dank though, so maybe cheaper. Or some rare stuff a little more.
  15. $200 top shelf in Cali.
  16. Im paying $300 an Ounce of medical dank strains like Headband, Og kush Strawberry cough, Sour Diesel etc. my person gets it from their grower so the strains r legit.

    Edit: Grower also supplies Dispensary's
  17. $200-250 for the DANK of DANK
    I prefer the ultra dank mids for $120 though, easy to rejuvenate that money and smoke fat.
  18. I get my ounces for about 300 on a slow day, but last time I picked up an ounce, I got it for 250 because it was right after harvest.
  19. Just picked up for $200.
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    Im getting 300 right now(on front too) out here in Ohio. There's a lot of flux out here though, I've payed 200 and I've been told 380(told him to fuck off).

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