how much are cats?

Discussion in 'General' started by d2000, May 9, 2004.

  1. how much are cats?
  2. about 5-10 bucks
    or they're free if you go out and pick one up off the street...

  3. hahahahahahahaha. do you go into a petstore and buy a cat? can i have an african wildcat as a pet? i saw them on cnn today.
  4. lol what kind of cat do you want?

    just goto the pound! save a kittys life ..think about how many you've killed! nows you chance for redemption!

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  5. lmao! i want a low-maintanence cat. african wild cats look cool. i saw them today on cnn.
  6. Go to the pound. I got mine for $40 neutered. They are easy to take care of, require minimal attention (but you'll end up giving more then enough), and cheap.

    Food maybe costs me $25 a month. Litter box needs to be cleaned every week or so. Costs about $8 a month.

    Try to get one that is front declawed already. Some will do a number on your furniture with their claws.
  7. nice sounds good. thanks.
  8. I live in a kinda rural area, and theres lotsa farms around here. Most farmers would be more than willing to give you a nice little barn kitty for free. You could try that route. And if I were you, I'd get it spayed/neutered, which shouldn't cost too much. And as blazing420 said, try and get one declawed. I've seen cats tear stuff apart like crazy.

    Personally, I never had a cat, but I've worked in animal hospitals and what not. They're pretty cool pets. Kittens are awesome, and as long as your cat matures to be semi-laid back, its straight. I've seen some crazy unpredictable cats that'll try and kill ya when you're not looking.
  9. I think my cat Lina is pregnant...if she is, we'll have kittens to give away in July. You can have one if you want, but you have to come and get it, LOL.
  10. get a lil kitten, then get some masking tape and up it on its front paws. I swear man itll freak out trying to get that off its halarious! :D
  11. i hate cats.......they sit on their ass all day thinkin they the shit......

    dogs are better, cus they can actaullly protect u and they stay loyal......
  12. this little shit cost 500 bucks! pure bread berman...

    my parents bought him 4 years ago and gave him to me as a house (apartment) warming present, aint he so cute?? :p

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  13. hes bringin out the lion from inside
  14. Hey i was wondering if you got that picture from the rekord rekords site?
  15. no i just rememberd it and did a google search for it...
  16. ah alright

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