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How much? And what strain?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by GreenSwag, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. What's up tokers all over this wonderful world?
    Alright so I'm feelin creative and I wanna know the coolest way to make a homemade pipe/bong/bowl or in general the most creative way of smokin. Much appriceated. :D
  2. I took an aluminum arrow shaft, a propel bottle, a 5/32 socket, and electrical tape and made a bubbler. Cut a piece of shaft that was a bit longer than 3/4 the height of the bottle, drilled a hole in the cap, taped socket to shaft, and inserted into bottle. Burned 2 holes in the bottle, used a smaller piece of the arrow as a stem. Other hole was a carb. Add water until the bowl piece is covered. :bonging:
  3. Metal pen tip + hollow pen tube= One Hitter. Works awesome.
    Use mine sometimes instead of breaking out the glass spoon, works awesome, just used it.
  4. apple pipe. dont fuck with plastics or metals that could be coated in who knows what.
  5. Made these out of Vegas cups. bought a 6 dollar downstem and rubber grommit at head shop. made a slider bowel out of pen with foil in it to prevent any plastic melting and a socket for the bowl with a steel screen in it. they are air tight and rip hard. was fun making them when i was bored.
  6. My friend stuck a bunch of starbursts together one time in a L shape n we smoked out of candy :)

  7. Dude I know those are plastic, but wow, that's some dope shit.
  8. the op has nothing to do with the thread title.

  9. thanks man. it's a hobby of mine. and it only cost me like 8 bucks to make. it rips hard too man.

  10. this is my best homemade one. has a diffused downstem and hand blown slider bowel. got the cup at a thrift store for 2 bucks. total to make it cost me 13 dollars.

  11. I know lmao. I was originally gonna ask this but I soon found out. I'm new to this and don't have a clue how to post pictures lmao. And I was a bit baked. It looks kinda like green crack. That's what it was.
  12. Thanks everyone. I'm currently using a brass socket on a huge ass pen. My mom and dad know everyone at every gas station(small ass town) so I couldn't pull off getting papers and my friends that don't have a problem with me smoking aren't 18 yet.
  13. Get a banana and dig out all its innards then put tinfoil on top. Smokes pretty well ya know
  14. Man, i was super desperate one night when i was still in high school and carved out a baby carrot. Hit surprisingly well, but got the weed soggy and every hit tasted like a carrot bbq haha

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