How Much A Gram?

Discussion in 'General' started by Javier19, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. Wondering how much other Brits pay for a gram? I'm talking about the ones who actually weigh what they get.

    Yorkshire guy here, to be more specific, at the moment I pay £10 a gram, and cant seem to get any better.

    Asked my dealer for 2 grams for £15 the other day, he agreed, got home and weighed it, 1.5 grams........

    obviously the more you buy the cheaper it becomes, but bought 6 grams for £50, removed 0.5 grams of stems, and had 5.3 of bud, so still pretty much stuck in the £10 a gram rut.

    Crappy weed scene is crappy, if you ask a dealer for an 1/8th they say "£20" when in reality they are giving you a couple grams, if you ask for 3.5 grams (an actual 1//8th) they will say £30 or more.
  2. Come on, nobody?
  3. dude i dont use pesos.

  4. Really?
  5. it was a joke lol i guess my high humor isnt funny to sober people? but to answer his question i pay 20$ a gram which would be about 14 EUROS.
  6. I live in,austin texas 20 usd a gram soo calculate that...i wish I lived in yorkshire
  7. Although .6 or whatever of stems,sounds like shitty weed and I only smoke dank

  8. Really? daaaaamn son, I guess to any poor student weed is too expensive.

    Cant wait until I can just buy an ounce without thinking about it...christ I need a job.

  9. its 14.6188 euros. your welcome. :D
  10. I live in West Virginia and I got some pretty nice mids earlier at 10$ a gram, which I think is like 6£.

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