how mch tahoe og goes for in south us

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by coon hunter, Mar 15, 2012.

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  1. hi how much does tahoe og go for i south us weight and price tthanks coon hunier
  2. Probably same as danks...
  3. You.. Couldn't even spell your own name right..
  4. Bahaha, he just bought a zip of schwap that the guy named tahoe og...outside of a medical setting I don't give 2 shits about the fucking name of that commercial in your bag.

    Take your drug dealing questions elsewhere.
  5. Honestly i knew all this before i started my relationship with maryjane. Get out of the circle you are in because i can already tell its all downhill.
  6. meh, if the herbies seed bank and all the comparison photos I've seen are to be believed, I know exactly what I'm growing. Not a medical setting either. o.0
  7. Then idc :smoke: work towards your states medical marijuana efforts, get a medical recommendation for cannabis (assuming you're eligibile), grab a breeders pack and then ill acknowledge you...these forums aren't the place to inquire about the value of illicit meds in an illegal state.


    Get your state on board ^

  8. Since when do you decide what these forums are for ? ..oh that's right, you don't. ;)

    All your posts seem to be negative and condescending. Everytime I see a post from you it's always flaming somebody or talking down to them. & you seem to think your better then everyone just cause you have a med card:rolleyes:

    Good for you :D
  9. Marijuana Cultivation..Absolute Beginners...I'm not seeing the connection for this thread.
  10. Maybe because I'm passionate enough about marijuana to go about it in the right way...

    All Posts/Statements made by me are 100% fictional & for entertainment purposes only.
    Anything I say or claim is not true and should NOT be taken seriously.

    ^ That's fucking ignorant, you live in a medical state yet you still Illegally cultivate cannabis?
    Do you want the federal government to shut down GC like they have tons of other websites (Like, but you're too new to appreciate that wesbite..)? Questions just like this attract attention that could ultimately kill all the knowledge that people have contributed here. Hell, if GC didn't exist you'd never fucking be able to grow (Seeing as you're obviously new..).

    You've flamed two of my posts now, but fail to notice all the other hundred posts where I spread good info and advice? Half of the ppl on this forum spread bullshit because they're too afraid of people learning to grow and stealing from their market...I've been trying to help...with that being said though...

    k off :smoke:
  11. Either way, you could still convey your message without being condescending.
  12. okay, I'll say it ..

    learn to grow, before counting your dollar bills Mr. Cash Cropper.
  13. #13 The Tokken J, Mar 16, 2012
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    this guy is classy! just read another post where he asked to have his account deleted?! LOL!

    I wish I could say that I haven't been desperate before, and my first post on GC was'nt in ERROR, but in all truth it was. Thank you admins for correcting me back in 2011, and not booting me. That said, I feel VERY LUCK to have access to this site. It is everyones duty to keep privey to the rules, and admit when they're wrong, i was. Tuck your tail my friend, and dont burn bridges, but PLEASE dont ruin it for the rest of us!
  14. [quote name='"MichiganHead420"']

    You've flamed two of my posts now, but fail to notice all the other hundred posts where I spread good info and advice?

    Fuck off :smoke:[/quote]

    Calm down cheech or you won't be around for the next hundred.

    Btw you only have 96 :p
  15. You think I do this for money??? Coming from the guy selling seeds???

    I do this because I love cannabis...

    You've all failed (Including an ignorant admin) to see my whole point in this fucking thread, simply trying to maintain GC and its resources and not have it compromised by questions about illicit drug trade...because I love cannabis so much and I want everyone to be afforded to opportunity to grow it (The knowledge which is needed is found in plethora here..).

    You're all a bunch of stuck up fags growing under CFL's, too bored to do anything else while you grow shit weed in your run down apartment so you sit on your computer trolling everything in sight.

    I liked this site so much more when I didn't interact with its members and just absorbed've made it in-hospitable to anything but a bunch of wanna be's and 16 year olds wishing they could grow dope in their mom's basement...

    Feel free to ban me, I've learned everything I've can from what is offered here and refuse to contribute anymore to this fucking cess pool. :smoke:
  16. I get your point, but you still don't have to be a dick. Try being nice sometime, people in general are much more receptive to kindness.

    Stuck up fags growing under CFLs? Personally, I use MH and HPS, and so do a lot of other growers on here.

    You say that we're the ones making it in-hospitable? IMO, it's people like you with your arrogant attitude that make the boards suck.

    I recommend you either adjust your attitude, or find another forum, since this one is just so horrible.

    PS: And your grow journal's nothing make it seem like you're a grow God.

  17. Umm, you do realize Wharfrat was addressing the OP and not you, right?
  18. Another classy guy! Woohoo, everyone, all at once BURN BRIDGES!!!! Wow, this guy...
  19. wait?? you think I sell seeds ?

    dude, you need to get your facts straight. I help folks not get ripped off by seed banks, and shady breeders.. anyone can look at my posts and see that for a fact.

    Fist of all .. Wasn't talking to you. I guess we can include arrogance as one of your assets .

    Secondly, calling members names, is a bannable offense (Also,your intolerance of sexual preference is a bit telling)

    Third, I haven't touched CFLs for my grow since like 2003.

    and Fourth...

    you're not a mod, so quit acting like one

    C ya :wave:


  20. Since you can afford a nice, big setup that means you're more passionate about marijuana? Lolol.. I'm so glad most of the people on here aren't an arrogant ass like you.

    And how am I ignorant just because I don't have a med card? Lol.. I may just be making a guess here but I always thought that ignorance meant someone who has little knowledge in the subject.. I understand how easy it is to get a med card in Michigan. I suppose I don't have one for two reasons. I don't really have any medical issues that need to be treated with marijuana, I personally just smoke to feel good and other "recreational" reasons. And for 2nd, It costs money and time to get it, and under certain circumstances right now I don't think I'd be able to do it...

    So, quit acting like you're superior to everyone just because you have a medical card...
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