How marijuana tolerant is Fremont?

Discussion in 'General' started by OhNoMyJimmies, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. I just moved to Fremont, CA not so long ago. I'm from San Francisco and you can literally smoke in public and no one really cares not even cops.
  2. Uh, do you want a medal or something?

  3. He asked a question about Fremont and compared it to his home city of San Fransisco and exampled the freedom there. In no way shape or form was he braggin. Useless post, and a pretty douche one too, which is pretty much the norm with you.

  4. Rude bro reported bro.

  5. Go for it, didn't call you any names, described your posting style so have at it ;)
  6. So no one from Fremont on GC?
  7. I'm from union city. Which is right next door. And I've learned the hard way countless times that Fremont cops are dicks! And they will go above and beyond to screw you.
  8. What about the residence?
  9. they're all under-covers and neighborhood watch.
  10. I want to move back to San Francisco:(
  11. they'll follow you there. it's too late for you now.
  12. no where in California do the cops care unless you grow a ton. My COP neighbor has seen me smokin my MJ on the porch many times even gotten into convo's
  13. I think there about both the same in safety terms I guess idk never been there myself just guessing from Online Google Reviews. It is a useful thing my friend you should give a try once or twice maybe even more like jerking off for the first and second time and never ending cycle lol.
  14. I'd say about 60%, you gotta watch out for that tolerant, shit's bad for you. I hear they spray it out of crop dusters now. Next thing you know they'll be putting it in the water supply.
  15. Yeah Fremont cops really strive to make the city safe, that's why for the most part you can walk around anywhere at anytime and you're safe. But the bad side to that is that in order to make it safe they bust damn near anyone who does anythinggg suspicious or even looks like it.
  16. I'm 6'3, Asian, jean shorts, and usually a plain shirt would I look suspicious?

  17. nope... except maybe 6'3 lol
  18. Fremont sounds like Pacifica where back in the 70's & 80's there were speed freaks galore. Cops cleaned 'em out & still keep a tight leash on the city. Moved to Oakland a year & a half ago & it's like another world over here.
    Be discrete & don't do anything stupid & you should be fine:D

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