How marijuana is going to make me jacked

Discussion in 'General' started by emdyeks, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. I try to keep in shape by lifting and running, but the running is the part I hate. I do this thing called HIIT where you jog for a minute then sprint as hard as you can for 30 seconds, then do this "cycle" 10 times. It's horrible, but if you do it like 2-3x a week it really helps you lose a lot of fat. I figured out that if I smoke before hand, I have almost super human endurance for this thing, and even when I get tired, I dont' care and it doesn't feel as painful. So now basically whenever I have nothing else to do, I will smoke a bowl and then go do my HIIT workout with my headphones on, and I've been doing this like 5-6x a week now! :hello: Best of all is, now I have an excuse to pig out when I am stoned, because all this running I'm sure is canceling out the munchies, and more!

    Who would have thought that something that is supposed to make you lazy, actually can motivate people to do high intensity excercise?
  2. Oh man I love smokin and excersizing. Whether it be sports, or mountain biking or hiking. So much fun..

    I hate this " lazy stoner" stereotype thats going around. I know some, but most people I smoke with including myself are MORE active when we smoke then when were sober.
  3. I like to get stoned and bench press, but I aint runnin around for nothin.
  4. i dont think I could lift weights though, I don't wanna hurt myself doing that.
  5. Depends on my mood and the people I'm around with, if people just sit there I'll be lazy as shit with them, but if they want to do something I'm up for it. But I'm not a fat slob, nor am I packing alot of muscle.
  6. i try to run 5-6 miles every other day. and i often blaze before hand. makes the running so relaxing and fun. when the runners high sets in you feel like your college has a 40 mile trail on the shore of a river right next to campus. it goes through woods and shit. chillest run ever.
  7. i remember i played basketball for my first time a couple weeks back while stoned, i had so much energy, and i kept running up and down the court non-stop. i could have never been able to do that if i had been sober.
  8. I hate running when I'm high. I HATE it. I don't mind sports. I'm actually a better basketball shot when I'm high, but I'm terrible at defense. Vice versa when I'm sober. Meh.

    I ran to my dorm one time when I was STONED off some dank last year, it was like about 400 yards away... omg... it sucked assy balls.
  9. i love running high..lifting weights is so damn much harder high though.
  10. How marijuana keeps me jacked:
    nothing is better than smoking a bowl and eating a ton of food after a hard workout or a hard practice. I smoke everyday after football practice and it doesn't affect my running at all.
  11. I can't smoke and then work out, talk about a buzz kill. I'd rather work out sober, and then smoke after because working out clears out your system so you will get higher.
  12. Ultimate Frisbee high as shit = fun
  13. I love to exercise high. I go running at the cemetary (its very old and has graves dating back to the civil war) every morning so I get high first and just enjoy the history
  14. i like to longboard even tho tats not really much physical exercise...this winter i am gonna try snowboarding and blazing

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