How Marijuana Became Legal

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  1. Dunno if someone already posted this but if not...

    Fortune: How Marijuana Became Legal

    I still think the med MJ movement isn't all it's made out to be, as they are legalizing MJ for all the wrong reasons, pretending it's about health, when really it's about making money off it. MJ is relatively benign compared to our legal alternatives and you should be allowed to use it legally regardless of whether you're sick or not. Prices were what they were for years because the illegal nature of the drug put dealers and growers at risk. Now, they are legalizing it, but keeping the price pretty much the same by giving it solely a 'medical' value, and then on top of that levying ridiculous taxes on it. I know everyone loves this, cuz they think, w/e gets it legalized, but this only paves the road for a monopolized industry that will be able to set higher prices than the prices that would naturally result from a free market with limited regulations.
  2. Totally agree,
    its an issue of civil liberties and rights,
    Were in a fascist state of nationalism it seems now a days though
    we suppress our intelligent,
    our laws aer underlined with a good helping of religious values,
    hypocrisy runs rampant,
    This is to similar to rome, the people said they had a senate still when really they were under the control of an imperialistic leader,
    We have our constitution but at the same time some of the most important amendments are completely ignored and the only ones with a say are the people on fox news or the people who have a fat stack of green
    And we know the CIA dabbled with mind control techniques involving every type of drug known to man kind,
    All the while marijuana had been made illegal in 1937 because it made white women want to have sex with Negros,...... WHAT??????
    Not to mention strong political ties to rich southern cotton plantation owners,
    cause hemp is far suppeior and has more uses
  3. Werd, and nowadays anyone who agrees with us is stereotyped as a 'white racist right-wing terrorist'. My skin may be white, but I'm hispanic, and my mannerisms and attitude are far from 'white'. I'm not republic or right-wing, and I'm definitely not a terrorist, yet ;). This whole medical MJ thing is another form of social control. What better way of ensuring complacency and conformity than making cannabis mainstream? And by doing it the med MJ way, they'll get to have their cake and eat it too. They'll be able to control the market, set the prices higher than they should be, keep everyone who is currently incarcerated for nonviolent MJ offenses in jail, and still make money off recreational use or growing outside of the regulatory limits (license to grow, limiting who you can distribute to, etc etc). Ultimately it'll become another big corp distantly separated from the common man's interests.

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