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how marijuana affects people differently

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by indicaman22, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Okay. Type out what affects you get from dem grass.

    Have you ever met somoene who hallucinates from eating pot or is that a myth.

    People pop out like a picture book. The space arouns the person becomes a black line. I cant stop laughing. I just cant. Also with good stuff i get really euphoric.
  2. I feel like I'm in a movie. Feel like nothing is real and I might die the next day or in 100 years. Feels like I am the center of the universe and the higher i float, the more weight the universe gains as i carry it around my shoulders...
    idk, it's a diff experience every time.
    yes, im high right now. i wonder if this shit even made sense...
  3. Yeah, I feal like im in a funny show or sitcoms, one of the stupid funny ones to. Also, once I convinced my self I was in a dream and I could do what ever I wanted without getting in trouble.
  4. The world seems like a 3-d movie its sick
  5. i get really happy, dont have a care in the world. Get some nice euphoria, colours are brighter and things are more noticable. Get CEV's sometimes
  6. I get super into anything that I am doing.
  7. Feels like something is gently rushing past me, my back is no longer in pain, my senses of hearing and smell become very strong, I'm no longer anxious like someone is rushing me to do something, idk all around better.
  8. hmmm....well, i have ADHD, so it affects me differently than people who don't. how do i feel after smoking it? that's hard to describe. well, normal..i'm really anxious and depressed like..all the time. (could be my natural physiology, or the adhd meds i used to take; as they can bring out depression in a person) but when i smoke..oh, man. it's like..i get this feeling that everything will work out, and be ok. for a massive pessimist, this is a welcome change to my normal dread. the physical feeling? hmm....idk, really. i might have to respond to this thread later when i get high. it's like..something you can only describe while it's happening

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