how many?

Discussion in 'General' started by j-mf-s, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. 300mg... and climbing or no? you tell me :)
  2. 300-400 is a good first time trip... Make sure DXM is the only thing in it.
  3. yup. that's all. i've had 4x10mg Adderall XR
    12x 20mg Addy tablets
    3x 30mg Adderall Xr
    since teus. night is that going to be a bad mix you think? i can usually handle my own when it comes to psychoactives so unless it's just terrible i think i'll be fine. am i gonna be ok? :D
  4. You should be fine.
  5. good to hear. :hello:
  6. However... I would suggest not to do it while hopped up on speed, I'm a firm believer in first time trippers (with any drug) to do it by itself so you understand the full feeling without any confusion on which effect is coming from what
  7. totally. i'm breaking the rules a wee bit, as i took 40mg in tablets at noon, and i woke up teus. morning. if anything i'll be coming down from it but i'm high too so.. :smoke:
  8. Wait you've been up since tuesday? You're gonna pass the fuck out man
  9. cool.. either one is fine with me as long as i dont wake up a vegetable the next day
  10. Don't fall asleep on your back.
  11. officially raised the stakes to 420mg. these cough melts are so tasty. cherry is goood :)
    i dont feel anything intense at all.. what's up?

  12. Why not? There's a whole thread devoted to DXM that could have answered your question quite easily...

    There, didn't even tell you to search.
  13. It will kick your ass soon enough.
  14. eloquently put, smartass. :p
    450mg now.. shouldn't i feel more than a body buzz that's like indica?
  15. It doesn't kick in right away man... Stop taking more.
  16. ok. i'll search then, happy junkie? :D

    am i in for the ride of my life at 450?
  17. If you don't pass out you should be feeling pretty damn good. Not the ride of your life, but 450 is definately a strong dose... How much do you weigh?

    I weigh 145 now but back when I weighed about 195-200, I extracted 1200mg and took that shit, never will i touch dxm again. 400-600 was all good, but i didn't like the super high doeses.
  18. i'm 6'1 275-280 depending on the day. probably 270 now because all i've eaten since monday is a shlotzki's medium deluxe sandwich. i have wide shoulders and muscular legs though. most people think i weigh 200-240. i think that makes a difference?
  19. Yeah 450 should be good. Let me know how it goes... That shit isn't time release is it?

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