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  1. How many states now with MMJ`

  2. What, like 19 I think? 
  3. Illinois got dat medical now

    In the wise words of juicy j, YAH HOE
  4. Currently, there are 18 states that legalize medical marijuana.
    New Jersey
    New Mexico
    Rhode Island
  5. cool i thought it was 20. rock on for some southern  states to get onboard. 
  6. Yea,but we are still awaiting the gov. signature.Gonna be strict though.Nobody will be able to grow there own.
    it is 20, 19 state a district (Washington DC is a district, not a state)...
    OP is just lazy...any search engine (google, bing, yahoo, jeeves...)would have shown the info
  8. NORML keeps this stuff pretty up to date, just check their state info.
  9. I say by the end of 2014 there will be about 30.

    But right now I believe there are 18 plus DC. Plus 2 states expected. I believe Illinois and another state are just waiting for the governor to sign the bill into law.
  10. After 26 the feds dont have a choice
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    So get your sweet little tushies in gear and become activists! Look, GC has 505,993 members. Do you have any idea how much we could influence how soon legalization happens?
    Comment in the news! Every day there are DOZENS of news articles on cannabis! You want to see what's out there?

    "Anyone who gives or sells that poison to minors should be executed. One of my mother's cousins got hooked on it at a very young age. Took him years to break his habit and get his life back together though it left him with some brain damage. He was lucky, back in high school one of my classmates died of that poison, pushed his heart faster that it caused him a heart attack, a very common consequence of the poison. They're deadlier than tobacco with mind damaging toxins as well.."
    Are you going to let that kind of ignorance go unchallenged? I didn't!
    Have you ever written a politician?  (Bookmark that page!)   I have!
    Have you educated yourself about cannabis? I sure as heck have! Email me for your free PDF copy of my List! (Bottom of my sig)
    Have you ever imagined what 505,993 activists could accomplish? :eek:  I do!
    Are you embarrassed that a little old lady (who already has it made in California :smoke:  ) is out-doing 99.9% of you when it comes to being an activist?  :hide:   (I certainly hope so! :devious:  )
    Yankeeplace has it right! We just need 7 more states and the feds are in a corner! What number will your state's be? 20?  21? 50?
    It is all up to YOU! 
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    Very true. When I became a medicinal user I became an activist.  I dont shy away from letting people know what I do and why I do it. I dont care about the discrimination recieved from ignorant individuals and Im not shy to stand up and educate them. Im not scared to plaster the white houses facebook wall with my opinions. If more people stood up and spoke there mind than things would begin to happen. Its the mass of silent individuals smoking in private yet persecuting others in public that are holding it up 
    States with Pending Legislation to Legalize Medical Marijuana
    New Hampshire           
    New York                
    If you live here get involved now
  13. ^ Real fuckin talk.  If only more people acted instead of complained. 
  14. Thanks guys,
    Things really looking better everyday seems like.
    I hope this new fed rule will make more  states jump in.

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