How many years till the end of U.S. pot prohibition?

Discussion in 'General' started by infiniteawesome, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. How many years you guys think? I say 1 to 2 decades more or less. Hopefully by then they'll have perfected cloning lungs! lol
  2. Id say give it 20-30 years.
  3. I don't really see enough progress in the pot legalization fight. It's not really a main issue in presidential elections, so I say it'll be a while.
  4. canada just got stricter, but the uk became more lenient. so its kind of a stale mate in the world. there are more cities every year though that is becoming more lax... we just cant push it to hard and have a big backlash....
  5. I think that it will be legal within my lifetime, and we are fast approaching decriminalization. Which are we talking about?

    Most likely it will be done state-by-state, so in some places it will be legal and others not. There have already been a couple elections in states to legalize and set up a buying market.
  6. i hope its never legal, by itself.
  7. quite a mysterious post, care to expand? :p
  8. Hoping for in the next ten years, but who knows.
  9. I personally think it will never happen
  10. Maybe he's a dealer? If so he'd lose a lot of money to big corporations that can put out crazy potencies of marijuana.
  11. depends how long it takes for the world to cool down and us to focus on domestic issues more.
  12. mj will never be legalized (at least in america). the people that are running the government are too goddamned stupid to do anything progressive, much less anything as progresive as mj legalization. the more laws that exist, the more power they have and the less power you have. that's the way they like it and that's the way they are going to keep it. if they won't let a parapalegic cancer ridden patient smoke it what makes you think they are going to let anyone else? the pharmaceutical corps will never allow weed to be legalized because people would be drastically less dependent on pharm meds which would cause the industry to lose lots of money. keep in mind that the dupont industry played a key role in having mj criminalized. they barely even allow hemp to be used for industrious purposes because once again, it would cause corporations to lose money. trust me, the US will disolve as an union, aliens will invade earth, and hell will freeze over before America ever decriminalizes weed.
    Sad, but true.
  13. 15-25 years... 30 tops before its atleast decriminalized at a federal level... maybe not legal... but decriminialzed.
  14. I'm doing a paper on something like this right now about Marc Emery and all that controversial stuff, and according to what i read, this thing may be what makes pot legal in canada. that could definatley change things for america, but i still say 20-30 years
  15. I personally don't care. Because everyone I know, and myself, will smoke it, be it legal or illegal. It will smoke the same both ways....
  16. it wont be legal until everyone who was born before the 60's, are dead.
  17. you said it all right there. even if it were legal, it most likely wouldnt change the way i use.
  18. i think you should care man... because, im assuming atleast... that your asshole virginity is on the line should you get caught puffin on this wonderful plant... :) i certianly care if its legal or not... it wont change how i smoke... but i care.... i dont wanna go to jail... :) i like my ass just how it is....
  19. you make a good point. but however, ive never been busted, and if i would be so little of an ammount, but still i know. it would suck, all i got is my discretion, and so far its 100% effective. so being the case i cant let my self worry about it....or i will get busted. it wont be legal in my lifetime, and if i go around preaching the gospel on why it should be legal, i will only draw the heat upon myself.
  20. I don't think it will be in the near future, not as long as the anti-drug people keep churning out more propoganda that get's people to hate drugs yet have no idea *why* they think they're so bad. So basically a huge amount of voters think "drugs are bad" yet have no reason to believe that, which makes changing their opinion about as hard as changing their religion.

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