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How many years IYO till total legalization in the U.S.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Ilove_MDMA, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. Just wondering how long you guys think its gonna be till we can smoke legaly, in my opinion i think its gonna probably be in less than 10 years seeing the huge progress we've made in the past couple years. Weed has gone from having ridiculouse lies about it causing heavy addiction, violence, and sex crazed users, i even had a health teacher tell me that 1 out of every 15 marijuana user will eventually die of an overdose if they keep smoking (lmao). Now it is widely accepted, decriminalized in many states(including where i live =)) and is being used to treat many diseases. But i just wanbted to hear ur oppinions on this.

  2. It's impossible to overdose. You'd have to smoke 1,500 pounds in 15 minutes; you'd suffocate before you overdosed. Nobody has ever overdosed from marijuana. Your health teacher should be fired.

    Out of a cannon. :smoking:
  3. haha what a coincidence, i am trying mdma tonight!

    anyway i believe 20 years. it will be 8 till its medicinal in all usa and then it will take a good 10 years at least for people to get used to marijuana as a safe drug. that means not growing up to anit pot commericals. ie we all are not in this group haha.
  4. hmm i would say 4-9 years itll be done
  5. my health teacher also seemed to exaderate the truth of pot on a daily basis. then we all pointed it out and she bugged out, wrote us up and all that jazz. 3 years later, she is a state trooper of NY haahahah. sorry for the double post aswell. god bless
  6. To be honest I don't think it's gonna happen, even though the percentage of people who support is high, there are still millions in the percentage that don't. Also, president Obama doesn't support legalization, so that is at least 4 years there, possibly eight depending. Medical marijuana might happen, but it is still at the federal level a schedule I substance, so according to them there is no medicinal value. Even drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine are schedule II, so they can be prescribed. And as long as studies keep coming out that say it leads to schizophrenia and other things, people won't support it, no matter the truth of the studies. Marijuana does in fact partially lead to psychosis, although having a pre-existing condition or something of that sort is the main case.

    I'll keep hoping though
  7. 10-15 years.

    People are starting to wake up.
  8. It does not lead to psychosis, the studies suggesting that were proven false long ago and in fact the opposite has been proven, that it can help (if only very slightly) keep the brain healthy.

    Total legalisation is 10-20 years away, but I reckon Cali and maybe a couple other places could see legalisation in the next 1-3 years.
  9. 4 years AT THE LEAST 8 years possible but im thinking around 10
  10. With as ignorant as the masses are about it, and the benefits of it as well as hemp, I think it will still be some time. Along with the medicinal properties, we need to really start pushing the economic impact of industrial hemp, etc..

    But time frame? 10 - 15, possibly, maybe even more :( Which makes me very sad face.
  11. I think it will come off schedule I within ten years or so. I'm betting it will remain a perscription drug until today's 20 year olds are running the country. By that point everyone will be so used to it they'll be able to see it for what it is.

    Legalization faces some serious challenges, mostly political. The way California is doing it is not going to work for the big pharma companies. Now I'm not one of those conspiracy nuts, but the drug companies are very powerful on the conservative side of the aisle. The states that have medical marijuana laws are liberal states. Drug companies are not going to cozy up to this idea if they can't make a bunch of money off it by tying it up and making it exclusive, and I don't see how they can. Maybe the tobacco companies will make a play, since more of their rice bowl gets broken everyday by taxes and fines and restrictions on smoking. But they don't have much clout except in growing states and those are conservative states for the most part.

    The other problem in the current political climate is that no politician can really come out in favor of legalization. In most of the country that would be career suicide. Who knows what President Obama really believes about weed but there's no way he's going to support legalization when he's got another term to run for in a few years. Even after he gets re-elected, if he came out for legalization the democratic party would flee from him like a leper. He'd never get another thing done, he'd be a political pariah. This is doubly true of any congressperson that wants to be re-elected with the exception of a handful from liberal states, and it will take a lot more than a few to make it happen.
  12. ^^^^To be honest, if it was legalized I don't see why every tobacco company wouldn't just convert all their fields to weed simply because of the massive revenue they could make.

    And it'll probably be legal in 50+ years at the minimum I'd say. A lot of you are quite optimistic about it being legal within 10 years. Bills for legalizing marijuana rarely come close to passing even for medicinal use, let alone for recreational use.

    I wish it would be legal sooner but to be honest all the children being born in 2010+ will be the ones growing up with parents that had nothing to do with the negative stigmas and false propaganda of the 70's and 80's etc. Most of us will be educated enough on the matter to know of its uses and lack of harm. Then they will all grow up in that atmosphere and hopefully legalize it and be responsible.

    On a side note, anyone hear of how Mexico decriminalized nearly every drug???
  13. Yea, i read something about that and it seems like they passed a bill to decriminalized drugs. Period, they are hoping it will keep more addicts out of jail and more of the people that belong there. WHOO for mexico! :smoking:
  14. i think it will be legal in 25 years
  15. It would be alot more use to include a reason why you think that. I personally think it will be decriminalized in that time. Obama stated that in his term he will not legalized marijuana, so for the people that said 4 years; it wont happen. Im thinking my grandkids might see the day, its not that marijuana is bad its that people look at it as a "drug" or "dope" so it gives it a bad name. When i hear the word dope i think Herion.

    ~Puff Puff

  16. i feel there is a good chance marijuana will be viewed as something that is safer than alcohol. maybe not legal but decriminalized maybe

    it's really hard to say, but if Cali legalizes it, maybe it will start a chain reaction and eventually the Feds will be forced to leave it up to the states. they are still raiding medical marijuana clinics tho :confused:

    i can almost guarantee that Obama wont do shit, his administration is still stuck in the bullshit politics games.

    [ame=]YouTube - LEAP Stumps the Drug Czar[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Smoked Marijuana Has No Medicinal Value! Obama Drug CZAR Kerlikowske[/ame]
  17. legalization - NEVER - the tobacco/alcohol /textile industries still have far to much pull for this to actually happen. They have the most to lose and they are all huge lobbyists/donators to politicians

    decriminalization or for medical use - maybe possible in next 10 or so years at least to be nation wide
  18. i sooo wish it would be soon or atleast within the early part of my life like some time in twentys (im twenty now almost)

    but of course its proably not
    id say twenty years
    not beacouse i want to wait that long but realisticly itll take that long for us yoonger ppl who arnt fuckin retarded stupid ass fuckers about weeds to change what we know to be a not secudel one drug.
  19. that czar isnt so bad of a guy but i do not like his conservative mindset. like i said, 20 years at least

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