How many years have you put in?

Discussion in 'General' started by beastbeast, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. Just seeing how long people have been smoking on here....
  2. I'm almost 22...
    3 years? 4? something like that.
  3. im 18 almost 19. so id say about 7.25 years hahahah:smoke:
  4. honestly since I was 16
    im 31
  5. Since 14, I'm 19 now.
  6. Awesome!

    I've been smoking for 1.5 years, just working my way up.
  7. 5 sense I started smoking regularly.
  8. 12-15 years. started when i was 8 from my cracked out mother. ill be 20 in a month. 1 year closer to gettin my alco legally :D cant wait
  9. 12 years...started at 11
  10. Less than 1 year. 17-18.
  11. Started when I was 15....stopped at 21 for about 3 years then started back up and have been going strong since and I'm 29
  12. something like maybe 3 years... perhaps 4. I don't really keep track of that sort of thing.
  13. 13 goin on 14
  14. 4 years stong but gonna have to quit for a bit cuz of task i had a little run in with the law :/
  15. About 3 years since the first time I smoked weed.:smoking:
  16. 2 and a half years. i smoked once when i was 17 but i dont count that cuz i didnt get high. i officially started smoking october of 06.

    and it was some bomb ass sour d! hence my name! first strain, and fave.
  17. 8 years
    where does the time go...
  18. it flies sometimes doesnt it?
  19. hmmm

    I'm still thinking sandwiches

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