How many years can I use the same Motherplant etc?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Gregory, Jun 17, 2002.

  1. Hi fellow growers
    I have been cloning the same Mother plants for about 2 years and i am wondering what is the normal life span of a Mohter Plant. And if i need to make new Mother plants can i use a clone from the Mother plant which is 2 years old and make a new motherplant or will there be a loss in vigour. In other words do i need to grow a new mother plant from seed.
    Thanks Gregory
  2. No time limit, your monitoring the results! so keep using the same mother, yes you can clone from clones.....therefore the choice is yours!
    Goodluck & have fun
  3. I once had a motherplant for 12 years,,,but it was not the seed mother.. I have found that after a couple years,,the root system in a seed mother is hard to maintain,,,nute deficiency from rootbound mother will affect the clones vigour,and health..When you make a mother from the healthiest of clones,,the root system can be maintained since it will be smaller than that of seed,,and can be kept in a 7gallon bucket for years...

    The longer you wait to make a clone mother,,the greater the chance of may be about time for you,,,but you will be the one who truly knows your plant,,do what makes you comfortable....good luck


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