How many weeks into flowering do males release pollen? any help?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DevilRed, Oct 27, 2003.

  1. Okay, so ive got 4 ladies and one male at just over 2 weeks of flowering. The ladies are nice and thick with little yellow hairs while my male has his big nug balls all over.

    I want to attempt to only pollinate two of the females if it is at all possible.

    Anyone know how soon the males release pollen? The pods are still really grean and don't look to burst yet.

    Any help is appreciated.
  2. Thats somewhat of a tough question. If it is possiable in your growing area, put up a wall. basicly, if you can get your hands on some Mylar, put a sheet of it between the ones you want to Insiminate and the ones you wanna Cure. Makes sure its pretty tight, preferably almsot air tight, cuz as all of us know, pollen travels in air. That should be an option, anyuways i g2g for now.
  3. ahhhh , fudge it. Im just going to pollinate them all. Im in the grow room often each day. When I notice the pollen pods are bursting. Im goint to take the male and one female out and shake the piss out of the male next to the female. Then just put the female back in with the rest.

    Likely only that plant with be "thick" with seeds, while the others will prob have seed but not as dense.

    peace out.
  4. are you going to take clones from the fems? or are you just going to start over with seeds?
  5. No i don't plant to start from seeds. Before i went to 12/12 I made 10 clones. I am keeping two and selling the rest. Ive got an offer of $50 per for the white widow clones.

    So my plants will be done flowering about the first of December. This is when my two clones im keeping will be veged all winter long until about early april. (5 months). They should be huge. I will then make as many clones as i can from the two mums, along with planting the massive pile of seeds i should have from this 4 plant crop im growing right now.

    Hope to put out about 400 plants/seeds in the spring. I only get about a 25% survival rate with theives, deer, etc.
  6. got pollen yesterday for sure. So approx 3 weeks after 12/12 the balls have bursted! About a 1/4 of them. Ive got a fan in my room. Ill give the plant another 2-3 days to spread his wealth.
  7. youre like the first ive read who wants the shit to happen! lol :)
  8. Well makes sense. Look at it this way.

    3, 3-3.5' indoor plants will get me at most a solid ounce per plant if my lucky, VERY lucky.

    But those 3 plants will get me a solid 100 seeds per plant easy. So 300 seeds planted in the spring.......figure 100 make it as females to harvest time.

    WAY WAY more bud than the three indoor plants can produce. Just looking toward the future.

    Plus, its so early I will be able to actually finish another indoor grow this winter for bud. No need for it currently since ive got stash from this falls harvest.
  9. I hope you grew up a bit! Haha
  10. Very quickly, once those pollen spewing sacks start forming, they will start powdering the landscape, if you see male parts forming, the ones you don’t see are the ones that get you.

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