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How many weeks from seed do YOU flower?

Discussion in 'Plant Training' started by Greenz4momma91, Feb 1, 2018.

  1. I’m pretty excited about this grow and want To share it. :)
    it’s my second actual indoor grow. Third All-around grow. ( feel free to check out my first grow of white widow and sour diesel ) This time I have a white widow fem ( smallest in the pics ) from Canuck seeds ...an orange bud fem also by Canuck, and since my last grow didn’t go so well outdoors and my neighbour was growing males and polinated my female candy kush I have a ton of crossed seeds .... I don’t know what he was Growing but it’s made one kick ass strain combined with mine and it’s very vigorous and strong —— I sprouted one for this grow and miraculously she was female ! She is plant on the left.

    I’m growing indoors in a 3x3x5ft tent. 1 300w led for veg, upping the Watts when i switch to flower with another 300w led. 2 fans going , no ventilation minus the tent vents all open. Temps averaging 70-75. humidity about 40-45 ( trying To up it a bit )

    Feeding fox farm veg nutes every other feed ,

    I’m topping and lsting. These gals were each topped 2x and are 5 weeks from seed. They had a rough start and aren’t as Big as I would’ve hoped they’d be yet
    I’ve grown white widow 2 times now and she hates being topped. Slow growth. The other two have recouped amazingly from topping.

    So now You have my whole grow journal LOL does anybody have any tips for me for suggestions on when you think I should start to flower these babes . I’m hoping to get at least an oz , oz an a half off each plant.

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  2. Looking good! I would let them go a little longer in Veg to gain additional strength and structure, then flip it to 12/12. There's no exact time to start flower. In fact, a lot of home growers will start flowering on their plants when they reach about a foot, or about 3 to 4 weeks of veg from sprout. But since your plants had a slow start, there's nothing wrong with giving them additional veg time before switching over. You'll be glad you did because your final yield will be bigger.
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  3. Nice, but in that smallish tent, you may be able to flower 2 plants at the most..preferably ONE!
  4. I flipped them and tied them down 2 days ago. Hoping try I’ll fit :/ Not much stretch yet but can tell they have stopped vegative growth

    I do a lot of lollipoping and effectively grew out a sour diesel and white widow in this tent with extra room. ( attached a photo from last night )
    This is that grow :
    My first grow : The life of a white widow and sour diesel from seed
    & here’s some pics later in the grow
    Sour diesel & white widow 5 weeks into flower

    Them two fit well, I grew 3 this time because I figured I should’ve done three my first time considering I had some extra room.

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  5. How they go? Did u flush em before you fliped?
  6. No I didn’t. I’ve read it’s best to wait until week 2 of 12/12 before switching them over. Just did a plain water feed today and my next will be with bloom nutes.
    They look a little sad in these pics. I took them right after their feed. Going to do some plucking in a week or so to open the plants up for some light.

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  7. I veg 5 weeks plus stretch so I guess 8 weeks total
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  8. By plus stretch do you mean you wait until they’re done stretching to start counting your flower weeks ? I vegged 4 weeks , and they stopped stretching about 3 weeks from flip. My plant who was a week younger then the other two is further into flower now tho I think because she was fully matured and ready to bloom and started earlier then the other two lol here’s the only recent pic I have of them. This is approx 3 weeks from flip. This is my orange bud plant. Hoping to pull an OZ off each plant. What do you usually yield off your veg time ?

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  9. from seed the plant won't flower until it's sexually mature, when the nodes alternate.
  10. Yeah I know , they were alternating and all showing preflowers. May just be the strain genetics of that one that started flowering earlier then the others and is younger - it looks almost a week further along now. I don’t know it’s recommwned flowering time either because it is my seed, from my last grow of candy kush that was pollinated by my neighbours plant. It’s one amazing strain I will say- but I have no idea what to expect of it lol
  11. what he means is ( i think ) if he flips at 5 weeks , some strains take a good 2 week to even start flowering. you dont count flowering from the switch ( so he might switch to 12/12 at 5 weeks but the plant is still in veg for another 2 weeks till it goes into flowering mode , so its 7 weeks old when flowering kicks in) , you start counting flowering when you see buds starting to form.
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  12. to asnwer your question , it all depends on indica / sativa. indica's are generally alot smaller. i let my sativa ( first time doing them ) veg for 5 weeks then waited 2 weeks for them to flower. so they went from 18 inch high at 5 week to now 4-5 foot. my tents only 6 foot high , so its very busy in there.

    sativas you could flip at 6 inch tall and still end up with tree's
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  13. Thanks for the input ! :) These pics were a few weeks ago. Im getting excited to see the end results.

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  14. right on well I'm subbed for the ride then yeah?
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  15. Looking nice mate , next time give them a little more veg and get that tent filled wall to wall.


    Here’s my girls about 4 weeks ago , 10 plants rammed in 8x4 ha , it’s like a jungle.

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  16. just a sample of what i do.. i use the grow helper app as my grow journal works quite well..

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  17. Question..
    One of my Black mamba seedlings seems to not be keeping up with the others im on day 4 and 5 out of 6 seedlings are doing quite well anybody have a solution?
  18. Give it some time and see what happens. It’s hard to say it make make a turn around or it may be a bad pheno. Too early to tell yet.
  19. Here’s some updated pics from yesterday. My mystery strain ( which I’m going to name one day soon lol) is the only one really looking promising. The orange bud and white widow are both looking smaller with smaller colas in general.

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  20. They look really good man!!!

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