How many watts should I use for new auto room

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  1. Ok so I'm not new to growing but I want to return my hand at autoflowers, l I'm just having trouble deciding which lights I should go with. I have 2 1000 watt ballasts, a 400 watt ballast, and a 1800watt(325 true watts) cob led. I built a new 4x8 room and will probably run about 10 plants at a time. I'm definitely gonna have a 1000 watt super hps in there but what I cant decide is should I say fuxk it and run a 1000 mh too or I'm leaning more towards the 400 mh then the led in the middle and the hps in the back and start the plants in the front and move them back as I start more. I'm only leaning towards that option because I feel the 1000 watt mh would be unnecessary since autos move into flower so quickly the 400 plus the extra spectrum from the led should be plenty I would think bit I've never run autos so here i am. Thank for reading

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  2. You're going to need about 50 watts per square foot.


    32*50=1600 watts

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  3. I've always gone off watts per plant not per square foot, but thats not my question. Since autos move from veg to flower after like 2 weeks should I run the 400 mh + the 1000 hps + led or 2 1000 hps + led or a 1000 hps + 1000 mh + led.

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  4. I would run the 1k over one 4 x 4 section, and run either the led or the 400w over the other 4 x 4. Then I would run the autos in a perpetual rotation, vegging with the led or 400, then moving plants to the 1k for flowering.
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  5. I would run 400mh+1000HPS+LED to get a better spectrum. Totally around 1600W to 32 square feet. It is fair enough.
  6. That's pretty much my plan I think I'm gonna use the 400 and the led for veg

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