how many watts on one circuit

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  1. how many watts can i have on one circuit? was thinking of doing a 600 and 400 watt system with maybe intake fans and fans inside the 2 rooms. is that ok for one circuit? i also got a computer running on the circuit. let me know thanks
  2. That should be fine.

    Do you know how many amps the circuit is?

    That many watts is like... around 10 amps or so?
  3. I'm not an electrician but...

    600W = 120V * 5 amps

    400W = 120V * 3.33 amps

    Most homes are wired with 15 or 20 amp circuit breakers. Keep in mind your PC's power supply doesnt draw its max wattage at all times. Only under load.
  4. so i should be fine then, awesome! cant wait to get my light now! starting my babies off tonight :)
  5. If your place was made in the 80s or later I wouldn't worry too much. Some of those older homes, you plug an 1800W hair dryer and *POP*. :eek:
  6. amps matter not watts

    you will be fine, but you always could rewire your lights to run 220 if you really needed to

    my 600s run 3.5 amps though

    they have larger breakers as well, if you really needed alot of juice
  7. its a pretty old house i think i should be ok. This is exactly what i will be running completely. a computer I will be turning off as much as possible. A 400 watt hps light 18/6 with a hydroponic setup including a dual airpump and 2 maybe 3 fans. 2 of them for intake and outtake. the other just to blow on the plants. The other room will have 600 watt cool bulb hps light on 12/12. I will have 3 fans in there and a dual airpump. I also will have 2 fans on in my room to keep me cool and once in a while my xbox 360 and tv. That is all let me know, thanks

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