How many Watts of light before electrical compagnies suspect something

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  1. I'm just wondering, what would be a safe degree of watt's that wouldn't bring suspicions to your electric company.
    Aight peace.

  2. Pay your bill on time and no one cares.
  3. probably depends a lot on where you live
  4. I work for the electric company and we already have your number. A swat team dressed in full riot gear will be banging on your door at 3am with warrant in hand. You is goin down!
  5. At this day and age people are using electronics all day that are sucking up watts. Trust me even if you used a bunch of watts there's someone using more then you. If you pay your bill on time they have no reason to bother you.

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  6. Until you get the statement in the mail and it shows "You" and "Your Neighbors" usage and you start to wonder if anybody is using more than you lol.
  7. I agree with the pay your bill......if anything you are using lots n they should be sending you chocolates. Your a good customer! Usage has a few in a factory where high consumption is common. I think I use more than the average 6 person household........ I must just forget and fall asleep with the really expensive electric heater on sometimes... ;-) The electric company will only squeal if you steal from them......

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