How many watts dopes it take to grow a small plant?

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  1. I have a 19 watt fluorescent bulb that will be directly over the dixie cup im growing the plant in. Obviously it is going to be a small plant so would 19watts be enough to give it a substantial amount of light to grow?
  2. 100 actual watts per plant.

  3. So 19watts is no good? it's gonna be a very small plant and the light will be placed directly over the plant.
  4. [quote name='"216xTEMPR"']

    So 19watts is no good? it's gonna be a very small plant and the light will be placed directly over the plant.[/quote]

    nope 19 watts will barely keep the plant alive. like dud said 100W per plant (I prefer 150 per but that is just me)

  5. okay, thanks for the advice, you just saved me a lot of wasted time.
  6. [quote name='"216xTEMPR"']

    okay, thanks for the advice, you just saved me a lot of wasted time.[/quote]

    don't give up though. 19W will not cut it but 36$ can get you enough CFL's to get something out of it.
  7. A 4 pack of 23watt CFls will cost you about $5-$10. You'd just need a 2700k spectrum pack and a 6500k spectrum pack and you're good to go.
  8. 100 watts for the first plant, 50w additional for each other..this is for cfl's, I think that's what I read.

    The way I look at it, the more lumens each plant gets, the better. Each one of my plants gets a little over 6000 lumens (4 plants total), my 250w hps on 'super lumens' setting gives off like 30,000 or something. Cfl's on the other hand do not have that type of lumens power (even if you pick up a 250w cfl, it still wont match a 250w hps or mh in the lumens department). What you're looking for is the answer I posted above probably, just figured I go the extra mile, haha. Lata :bongin:
  9. 400w HPS or greater...sorry but I see to many newbies attemping first grows with lighting that would barley let you see in the dark let alone propagate plant yourself a favor and wait until you can invest a decent amount of money. Others may say I am wrong, but if you want anything worth smoking, let alone worth your time, heed my words. GL! :)

  10. This is true, in a sense. I've seen many plants vegged with cfl's and flowered with hps lights, and have yielded high.

    I've seen some plants vegged and flowed with CFL's and they have had incredible yields as well...however the buds are fluffier, most the time not as complete with the same cover of trichomes (you want either all cloudy, or mostly cloudy and party amber cover of trichomes) without an hps light (it doesn't have to be 400w I'll get into that as well) you wont get a decent cover , so your bud wont be as potent as it could be.

    Now, you do NOT have to have a 400w hps to grow anything, this is not good information. I just finished a small cab grow with a 150w hps and got over an ounce with one plant, and on;y .50 ounce off the other plant (can't expect to grow two plants well with a hps light in a super confined space..check my grow out). I am currently using a 250w hps in a 2'x2'x4.5' grow tent, I am only growing 4 plants in 2 gallon pots, and I have already seen amazing growth in just 3 weeks...more space, and more light, in a smaller space, growing only one or four plants will produce AMAZING bud.

    Now clearly the more light, the more spread, you can use a 1000w hps for instance in a 8'x8' grow area with amazing yield. That means you can fit A TON of plants in that space...well I consider that a ton, since my tent is so small. Now a 400w even 600w hps is not that much more money, but you still need ventilation, a good exhaust fan, a way too cool the area, and ducting...some people just don't have space for that shit. Doesn't mean that can't gorw some experience it, and see if they want to take the hobby further...thats what I did, and stepping up to a small tent is a HUGE step for my living situation :cool:.

    Hope this cleared up some info...btw I also have a cfl grow journal floating around here. Pineapple Express, Strawberry Diesel, and Blue Mystic..each one turned out AMAZING, high was super intense, ALL CFL. :wave:

  11. To get good, tight, compact, hard and dense, potent buds? Yea, ya do.

    As you stated, CLF and very low Wattage grows are fluffy and not as why waste your time??

    Sure you can grow a Snoopy tree with one crappy light, but why even bother??

  12. Some people don't have the money for 400w hps lamps, tents, fans, etc. and some people can't take an entire room and make it a veg room...and on the other side have a flower room...some guys on here can, and thats awesome, hopefully one day I can put more time in this hobby, and can start a perpetual grow, and jump my lamp to 1000w. I certainly have the money to buy all of it, but I DO NOT have the space, nor the security (apartment living) to safely run anything over 250w, and even that is pushing it, our situations are ALL different in this hobby. This forum should be a testament to that, just search all the CFL grows, LED grows, HPS/MH...tons of journals out there with crazy good bud porn, and different lighting methods for each one.

    I bothered growing CFL and I am VERY happy I did. I had little experience outside of the google searches and The Cannabis Grow Bible..this only took me so far, I need to physically do something to fully understand it. I made mistakes my first grow, a few my second, and learned new methods of training, and techniques to develop more bud sites and achieve greater yields. I'm so glad I didn't start with an hps, some people don't have a green thumb and need some trial and error to fully understand...I am one of those people. Until two years ago, I didn't own a single houseplant plant even, now I'm managing four cannabis plants, and am currently looking into organic growing, this hobby is FULL of new information, we all need to start somewhere though. :wave:

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