How many watts and what kind of light?

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  1. What kind of light should I get and how many watts?

    I dont wanna run up the electricity bill so I wanted to keep something simple and cheap if that works.

  2. first thing you need to know is the size of the room. and are going to use the light just for veg or flower or both? I like hps lights for flowering but thats just me:)
  3. you can use CFL's or a 250 HPS without much of a bump in electricity cost.

    Ditto rhizzo^^ how big is your space? minimum general rule is 3000 lumens sqft, and 100 watts per plant

    CFL's use 6500k for veg and 2500k for flower

    HPS can be used for both but best for flower

    MH can be used for both but best for veg.

    good luck
  4. The correct lumen output per sq foot is about 600-700. That's all you really need. For a comfortable flower, you'll need probably 1000, but thats it.

    Make sure your veg lights are 6500k and you flower lights are 2700k.

    If you dont want any big notice in electricity, go with tube fluro's. They were considered the best until the recent HPS came out. And im my opinion they are the best, becuase you can have an ass of them, and they dont get hot, and you dont have much of a jump in your electricity bill. :p
  5. Thanks fellow tokers!!

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