how many tries it took me to get high

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  1. im bored as hell right now because school is off, so imma just share with you guys my experience, just cuz.
    So I've been smoking weed for around a month or a little bit more now, but i didn't get high until only about a week ago or so. the first time I smoked i was extremely nervous because i didn't want my sisters finding out because they would tell my parents for sure, so i guess i scared the high away before it even got to me. no big deal.the second time i smoked i didn't feel a high again, so once again i blamed it on my fear of getting caught. this went on for about ten sessions. after 10 sessions i started giving up on weed, and stopped smoking for like 2 weeks, but eventually i went back in cuz i don't like to give up. so after another ten or so attempts i started to feel slightly highish i guess, but nothing much. every time after that each high got higher, but one i decided enough was enough and i made a water bottle bong with a friend, and we just went ham on that thing, prob had like 20 hits from it, then out of no where it just hit me like a rock, and i was just high off my mind i couldn't even finish the bowl, i just let my friend have it. that was the break threw for me, and i havent smoked since then because of exams, but now the exams are over, and imma smoke again either today or tomorrow so im hoping i get high again. 
    Just felt like telling this story cuz im bored so ya. how many atempts has it taken some o you gus to get high? probably took me around 25-30 times. anyone that has trouble getting high i hope this gives you encouragement to keep goin.

  2. ???? I never had that problem. I got baked outta my mind the first time....and every time thereafter unless it was shit weed.
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    yeah same here..
    OP: 25-30 times before you got high?
    i wouda given up after like 5 times..
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    TC must be:
    • getting shit weed
    • isn't inhaling
    • is smoking oregano
    • must be morbidly obese.
    You can't "scare" your high away. If anything, being scared is more likely to make you feel even higher. 
    I got high on "try" #1. 
    There's not many people out there, even hardcore stoners and long-time smokers who need more than 2 or 3 hits to get significantly stoned. If you took 20 hits from a bong before you felt anything, that's not normal and you're the first person I've ever heard of who requires so many hits before feeling it. 
    I wouldn't even be able to take 3 hits before I started feeling it. By 5 I'm couchlocked. By 20, I'd be passed out. 
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    im 5'9 and weight 150 pounds,i got low body  fat and go to the gym. i got good shit, cuz all my friends get messed up from it, its pink kush, i bought a big nug, and compared it to pics on the internet, it seems legit. also i will describe how i inhale. first i suck in while lighting the weed, and then when my throat can't take the smoke i just take my mouth off he pipe or bottle, and breath in threw my mouth again so i can suck the smoke in deeper into my lungs. i had enough of not getting high so i just smoked until i got high and it worked for me so im happy. it may not have been 20 hits, but it was a lot
  6. How big was the bowl? And OP.. "break threw"? Seriously?.. You're excused if English is your sl though.

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  7. I got high the first time I smoked. It was a perfect match from the start haha  :smoke:
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    haha sorry, yes this is my second language, i speak Russian. i make that mistake often, i add about .3g to my bowl
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    I don't understand how someone could not get high from inhaling the smoke either? My first time getting high was a completely tridimensional experience? These rookies are starting by themselves nowadays. They need coaches, someone to punch the shit out of them when they take those pussy 1 second hits and try to pass lol.
  10. It took me about 5 times to get high
  11. Yeah I never had trouble getting high in the past. Took a 6 month break from smoking, started back up recently and I went thru an eighth in 3 nights before I got high again. It was weird.

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  12. I got high on try number 3... and off 1 or 2 hits. Try number 1 I was smoking a blunt like a chimney and didn't feel a thing.
  13. Damn 25-30 times? I didn't get totally blazed my 1st time cuz I wasn't inhaling it all the way into my lungs. 2nd time though I got completely stoned.

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  14. I've met alot of people who say this. Then I smoke with them and they sit there staring at the wall, blank faced, and still saying "weed doesent get me high

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  15. You sure your holding it in for at least 3 seconds??

    When i first got high i didnt FEEL high, but then i ate 7 PBandJ sandwiches. And started spraying febreeze evrywhere even though i smoked outside. So no i dont think i had that problem...

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