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How many to plant?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by Youridol, Jan 12, 2002.

  1. hello im ordering ten seeds and only want about 2 or 3 plants to take care of at a time since my growing space is limited how many seeds do u think i should plant to obtain 2 or three females?

    P.s. Just in case this might help im thinking of ordering
    Nirvana: Ice,Misty or Snow white

    Thank u
  2. are you gonna germinate them? I think its something like 2 for every five will sprout(not sure, cant remember someone help me out here?).
  3. I would (based on your post ) germinate 5 .Seed viability varies greatly. I've bought seeds that were nearly 100% ,and I've grown from seeds picked from stash that was but 5-10%.
    If you plant 5 odds are in you favor of getting at least 1 female.....but there are no guarantees on that :)
  4. Viability is the word here...isn't it roach....planting 5 of 10 is 50/50 what else can you do,,,nirvana seems to have a fairly good ratio of viability...I have nirvana misty in the chamber now. germinated 4 of 4 seeds within 24 hours 2 female..


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