How many times would you smoke up a moocher?

Discussion in 'General' started by Fluffysock, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. I'm on about the 20th smoke now without a return have i let it go too far?
  2. Yes you have let it go way too far..tell him he's gonna have to start spending some cash if he wants to keep smoking, because you sure as hell are spending yours.
  3. I would smoke you up once before I mysteriously run out of weed.
  4. he used to return before he 'quit smoking it'.. now it seems to me he's just quit buying it & is happy to smoke mine whenever we hook up :/ im not sure how to go about saying no now its gone this far though.. he is a genuine friend from years back but i even GAVE him a bag and he still didn't smoke me up, he says its all gone now. i think he thinks im a erb charity for him, he says he's always skint but earns way more than me, just spends his money on pointless shit rather than weed
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    Your answer to your OP. ^^

    Tell him to buy his own weed instead of stupid shit. We all got bills and shit but you've obviously got your shit together enough to afford bud.

    If he's making more than you AND mooching I have zero respect for the guy.

    Hell. Let him know random Internet guy #1589004227898 says he's a douche.

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