How many times to top at plant in a scrog setup for maximum yield ?

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  1. Hey everyone reading this i just wanted to ask for some quick advice on an outdoor grow . I recently ordered some seeds and they should be here anytime now . The strains are purple trainwreck , blue widow , and blue kush . I plan on doing an outdoor scrog and i was wondering how many times should i top the plant for maximum yield ? I will be growing in 30 gallon pots either soil or cannacoco/perlite mix i will either be using blue planet nutrients or dirty dozen fox farms nutrient kit .
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    No need to top a scrogged plant. When you top a plant you remove 1 bud site so 2 grow larger. The damage/stress from the topping slows the plant down while it heals.

    When you scrog a plant you bend the plant over which causes all 3 bud sites to grow larger and doesn't stress or slow the plant down. Actually it causes every bud site on the bent branch to grow larger. As they grow direct them around the net as needed. I used to top my scrogs because that's how I thought it was done until I was shown how pointless it is. Since i had never scrogged without topping i had nothing to compare it too. Now my nets fill up faster. I don't top anything I lst or scrog. Since I stopped topping about 3 years ago I've only topped to slow plants down that were getting ahead of the others. Less work, faster filled win
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  3. Thanks that helped alot. So your basically saying there is no need to top a plant during a scrog ? Cuase i was planning on topping 1 time then supercropping it with a little lst and then scrogging maybe ill do it with one plant just to expirement. Ill post pictures on here . & its been 10days since i ordered my seeds and they still havent gotten here hopefully they get here soon.
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  5. And those pictures are from an outdoor grow i did last year lol just something here for you to look at lol
  6. Bending the plant over does the same thing as topping without damaging your plant and loosing bud sites. Want to add uneccessary work, damage your plant, stress it and loose bud sites, go for it

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