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how many times in a week

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bengali548, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. hey guys

    just did some research and i wanted to know how many times COULD someone smoke in a week so i dont have to deal with the long term effects

    i smoke maybe twice a week now and i usually use gravity bongs made from syringes (THEY HIT HAAARD)
  2. i dont think theres a real effect its just if ur smokin the whole time ya have a comin down feelin for a while so if ya have that the whole time u wont be right but there wouldnt be any long term effects. smoke weed its good for ya :D

  3. lol ya i was researchin all these studies of how daily use of weed is more likely to give you cancer than cigarettes and your more likely to have a heart attack

    could someone disprove this cuz i dont want to eat a salad when i got the munchies

  4. Not sure what you mean by 'long term effects'...I smoke 4-6 times a day, every day, and been doing so for 28 years and I still get as high as I ever did. Tolerance has never been an issue for me...I pretty much get different weed every week, so that might have something to do with it...I dunno :confused_2:
  5. iv been smoking for 10yrs. Im 21. and i smoke when ever I can or want. i have no long term problems. And I still always get high.
  6. Good god you actually believe that?
  7. #7 mr yarbles, Sep 14, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 14, 2009
    I usually smoke around 6 or 7 every night , unless I'm smoking with a friend so my tolerance stays pretty level.
    Every once in a while I'll take a day or two off to help my tolerance and shit too

    and shit don't worry about cancer so much
    Everything gives you cancer.

  8. That's a crock of

    Do some more research...;)
  9. You got some false info lol
    they tested the leaves (schwag) not the bud (dank)
    they say it's 3 times more likely to give you cancer cuz of the tar in the leaves when you smoke it..
    And tar isn't the thing that gives you cancer

    Cigs got Palonium(sp?) 210 and Lead 210, which is the 2 dangerous chemicals that are in tobacco because of how they fertilize it and to kill all the bugs on the tobacco..

    Cigarettes kills more people and gives more people then marijuana use alone.
    Because marijuana has no cases of death

    and don't believe that thing about it having 10 times more thc or whatever then back in the day, because thc isn't bad for you.

    Marijuana has no long term effects

    tobacco kills
    smoke the herb
  10. I honestly don't think you can get long term effects.. or, curcial ones anyway.

    I smoke all day for 5 days of the week most the time and then take 2 day breaks. It's far more safe than alcohol and cigs.
  11. This is a point that never gets stressed enough- The annual death counts from alcohol and cigarettes are ridiculously high, and the annual death count from marijuana is zero.
  12. lol ahah i smoked weed for only like a year and my girlfriend is a uoft major at life science so shes always lecturing me when i toke i can shove this back in her face now

    thx btw
  13. you can smoke all day and you'll be fine. don't listen to d.a.r.e.
  14. I smoke about 5 times a day, which equals 35 times a week. I'm very healthy and am absolutely confident in my physical and mental capabilities. You will be fine just toke up :smoke:
  15. DUDE, tell me how this is possible when thc fucking kills cancer causing cells instantly, and over 500,00 people die a year of smoking cigarettes and not one person has been recorded dead form marijuanna:confused:
  16. i would smoke every day if i could afford it, i usually end up getting enough weed to last me a week, ( because i dont ration it)

    so i usually end up with a week or so of sobriety but when i get paid, its like the first time all over again hahaha

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