How many times have you smoked weed in your life?

Discussion in 'General' started by Eyes, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. Be totally honest, how many times have you smoked the bud in your life?
    I'd probably say about... 60 or more. Or way more. I don't know :p
    BONUS QUESTION: Have you smoked over 200 times?
  2. I've been smoking everyday for rouhgly about a year so I can say I've smoked at least more than 200 times.
  3. Ive never smoked
  4. I'm 100% positive that I have smoked well over 2000 times. (and no i didnt mean 200)
  5. possibly over 3,000 times. Atleast 365 times a year x 5 years = 1825 and i smoke more than once a day so id say prob over 3k.
  6. yeah id say my weed odometer prolly reads around 3000 sessions
  7. Today is going to be my 4th time!

  8. I started in grade 7, so maybe 4000 times? The past year an a half I have had 1-6 sessions a day. Thats trying to balance school and keeping my mark avobe 80%.


  9. lawl

    I've smoked weed 1537.5 times.
  10. 250-500 times
  11. That's like asking how many breaths I've taken.

    Enough of them were mixed with marijuana smoke that that would probably be about right anyway...
  12. honestly about 12 or 11

  13. Well I've been smoking regularly since March, so I'd say roughly about 300-400 times..
  14. Been smoking bout 3 solid years. Smoked before that but never on the constant. Total times is way over 1500 to 2000 for sure, but who know the exact #, Ive never kept track. I'd be interested to know the exact # though!:smoking:
  15. Ive been smokin regulary for close to ten years.

    Ive smoked lbs upon lbs.

    Have no idea how much ive smoked.
  16. iv been smokin 4 about a year and i smoke about evryday and 1 - 5 times a day so about 400
  17. Honestly, I thought this was a joke thread.

    I stopped counting the days I got stoned a long time ago. I tend to count the days I didnt get stoned, and thats been so long I have forgotten that one too. Im 26 years old and have been smoking since I was 16. I have smoked as much as 2 ounces in a single day.

    Im sure I have personally bought several hundred pounds of weed in my day, and I cant even account for all the times I smoked someone elses weed.

    Marijuana isnt like acid or mushrooms, its more like a lifestyle.

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