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How many times have you quit smoking grass?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xyzed23, May 12, 2011.

  1. How many times have you quit since you started? I'm up to 7.....:hello:
  2. So many. Thought about quitting again earlier today.
  3. Never really say I'm quitting it is just a break. I'll eventually come back to the greens no matter what.:smoke: It's been 2 years since a "break.":smoke:
  4. one time too many.
  5. Never have although I may need to for awhile considering I may enlist for shits and gigs to think over what I really want to do in life
  6. i quit smoking everday when i go to sleep :smoke: :)
  7. Neverland ranch
  8. I take a t-break very rarely.
    Why should I quit?
  9. I didn't smoke weed for fourteen years once. And then I tried it.
  10. Never thought about quitting after I started. It's just another hobby!
  11. I quit untill I take the next hit
  12. 0 why would you wanna go and do somthing like that???:D
  13. im on a t break now for about a month and a half. but i've never quit with the intent of not going back.
  14. Quit cigerettes 3times,never gonna quit weed though.why would I?
  15. never, why would I?

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