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How Many Times Have You Been Searched?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by WillATX, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. I've only been pulled over one time in my entire life and I'm pretty sure the cop was intentionally looking for someone to give a ticket. I get one for expired inspection. It was also 10am and I had my backpack in the passenger seat so its clearly obvious I was going to school.

    No search (Short hair, no neckbeard, mostly "bro" clothing, no 420 or bob marley shit)
  2. And people complain about getting searched "just because" they have a Bob Marley wallet, a poster with the weed leaf on it, look like hippies, and have a bunch of weed shit in their car.
  3. A couple of times. I got away with bud also a few times
  4. 0 times.never even been pulled over
  5. 3, all because drug dogs in highschool. hahaha. They claimed I used my inhaler as a bong because it reeked of weed. They called my mom and got drug tested. It was so stupid.
  6. Details?
  7. I've been searched several times. There use to be a few detectives that lived in my county and all they did is pull ppl over and search them for no reason. They eventually got fired cuz they were crooked cops, as well as half of the police force. It's a little better now but still about the same.

  8. I'm from GA too. Do you still live in that particular county? I'm curious to know where you're talking about, if possible. Not trying to get all in your business though.

    I've been pulled over several times. My business was open late at night and I ended up being the only driver out there. Having a fast looking car with illegal tint never helped either. I didn't do any drugs during that time so never any issues. Once they realize, I was legit I was always let off with a warning.
  9. ive been searched probly 3 times in my life. Once i got away with having a bowl in my jacket pocket, idk why but for some reason i thought it would be a good idea to put my ipod and wallet in the same pocket in case i was searched. totally worked, i pulled out the wallet when he asked what it was the first time, he still felt something in there so then i pulled out my ipod, then he was satisfied and didnt feel the pocket again thankfully. It was an inside jacket pocket, and i managed to fit all 3 in it it was actually pretty deep. Other 2 times i had not shit on me, but i was high and had just smoked lol but deny it all and ur good
  10. I was searched once and that was during the process of being kicked out of my dorms thanks to weed. Had my bong grinder and and eighth on my desk and only had that taken away. The cops said they that could be easy jail time but let me go because I was cooperative lol thank God.
  11. Got pulled over the other night after coming back from a hookuh bar at 3 in the morning with my car smelling like straight dank fromLuckily I just finished smoking all my bud left and only had a small metal bowl in my car which didn't even know it was in there. Then hey patted me down and didnt even pull out my pockets or anything. He just told me to go home. Haha chill cops in dallas texas :D
  12. Got searched once, stepped out of an alley known for drug activity while a cop of course was rolling by. He and his partner got out and said "Hey hold up guy." I kept walking and they followed me and said "Hey buddy it smells like burnt weed." I just kept walking and they then grabbed my arm and told me I had to stop cause I smelled. They took like 3g's from me and my bowl. Shit was gay. Made my holding cell time go by a lot quicker though.
  13. I got a new truck in May, it's been searched 3 times already! Haha
  14. Got searched all the fuckin time in highschool and a couple times in middle school, but i've never been in actual deep shit with the law. *knocks on wood* :smoke:
  15. One time a cop stopped me and my friends and he asked to feel our pockets. He didn't have probable cause but my friend had our blunt in his sleeve so we took the gamble to not make him suspicous. it wokred!
  16. None, I've been in hotbox'd cars with some pretty dank weed out in the open, however, I've never been searched.
  17. We've had drug dogs come in a few times at my school too but luckily I kept everything in my car. Only time I've ever been searched is when I was visiting my dad in prison and I wouldn't bring anything illegal to a prison so I was fine.
  18. About 7 times by police, on one occasion at the age of 17 I got pulled over with no drivers licensed, I was searched but had nothing on me but them my car was searched and they recovered a handgun and about 5grams and Dutch guts on the floor of car .. So I got charged with unlawful possession of a weapon, possession of cds and the assholes gave me a paraphernalia charge for the Dutch guts. Thankfully I have very cool cousins who paid to have the case fought and I was never charged cuz of improper search lol .. I got super lucky with that one but I was very stupid and reckless as a youngster
  19. [quote name='"Cooraw"']3, all because drug dogs in highschool. hahaha. They claimed I used my inhaler as a bong because it reeked of weed. They called my mom and got drug tested. It was so stupid.[/quote]

    People don't understand weed, then claim to know how harmful it is. Anyone who thinks an inhaler can be smoked out of is retarded.

  20. I know kids who put tin foil on top of inhalers and used em like apple bongs. It's stupid but it was a common way for new smokers back in high school.

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